13 thoughts on “Woah…

  1. jenty: i’m happy too…

    sweets, polgara & nosjunkie: 😀

    bridget: simple yes… though i still find myself waiting for the other shoe to drop!

    s e e quine: a shark? as in the fishtank ones? cool!!!

    supermom: aaaw thanx mel!

    szarek (will): it is, but i’m still not used to it!

    elise: we are aren’t we…

  2. ` Yaaaayyyy! I’m so happy for you! Reason being, same here, and it’s hard to imagine life any differently. He even got me a shark this Valentine’s day! (You know, because that holiday really needs improvement.)

  3. *Bridget runs out to vomit at cloying sweetness of post*


    Sometimes it’s that simple Angel.

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