Can Someone PLEASE Explain To Me.

…what the fork the issue with tattoos is!!?!


Right, so lemme tell you why I’m asking.

I have four tattoos: one on each upper arm; one in the small of my back; and one across my shoulder-blades. I love my tattoos. Not only are they a part of me but I consider them a type of accessory. Like my my rings, shoes and earrings, scarves, sunglasses, hats, etc. And I show them fairly often on weekends and if I go gallivanting. I don’t show them at work a lot- I may show the ones on my upper arms occasionally with a sleeveless blouse or if I have chiffon sleeves… but I don’t show them a lot simply because there is a perception that they are… um, what’s the right word… taboo, controversial?

Well, I want to know why.

We are not living in the 18th century after all.

Seldom will a person openly look at someone- frowning in disgust- and then ask a perfect stranger how the fork they could do that to themselves when they wear socks with sandals.

Few people would grimace and then ask a perfect stranger what possessed them to get a mullet.

Even Amy Winehouse style makeup may at most garner a snigger behind someone’s back… but usually that’s about it.

Unless of course they’re a close friend- then you can rip them off a bit. Its allowed when you’re friends.

On the other hand, giving compliments on jewellery or shoes or clothing you do like can make someone’s day- stranger or no. Have you ever tried that?

Any long term voyeurs of this here mommy-blog will know that I am far from finished with regard to my tattoos… there are lots I still want, I am hampered only by the cost of new ink! It came up in conversation after a company meeting a while ago, where we were talking about tattoos and body art and everyone knows I have several. Inevitably I was asked if I’ll be getting more, so I started listing them. I have listed them before- but the ones that particularly raised eyebrows were the ones I want on the tops of my feet and the one of Damien’s name that I want in heavily ornate gothic lettering on the inside of my arm. One of my bosses looked at me and said “…how professional would that be…?

I don’t get it. Shouldn’t any and all kind of body alteration then be considered unprofessional? What if I dislike a shaved head or a nose ring…

Why are tattoos controversial? Shocking? Eyebrow raising? Taboo? It’s not like my tattoos make me stupid. Why must I hide them at work?

Yes I know tattoos used to be the trademark of pirates and prisoners and sailors… back when ankle chains meant you were a prostitute… but have we not moved on people. You can do business with someone on the moon for crying out loud… provided there’s someone on the moon and they have the internet and a satellite connection!

10 thoughts on “Can Someone PLEASE Explain To Me.

  1. faerie: i love how you see things girl. and i agree with you completely.
    so, the no-no chair eh, so thats 34 minutes… 1 for every year of my life?

    peong: LOVE the new ink dude!

    michelle hix: i think thats a perfectly logical reason to remove one, though i might consider putting something over it before i remve it…

  2. Maybe I shouldn’t comment since I’m 6 laser treatments into having mine removed…ha ha.

    We live in such a visual world. Poeple judge on what they see. Too afraid to feel I guess.

    I like tattoos. I’m only having mine removed because I no longer like the person that I got mine with. So I am removing a memory, not a tattoo as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Two jobs ago I worked for a company that was based in some higher end hotels and I could totally deal with the suit and tie and the 6am start (sort of) but having to take my earrings out every day drove me crazy. The empty holes are apparently professional, but the clean simple stainless matching hoops were not? And i had people I worked with doing manual type jobs who couldn’t roll up there sleeves because of their ink. I find it ridiculous. I did a damn good job and was nothing but professional and courteous with all of our clients (the thank you letters to my boss proved it), but my appearance was what really mattered I guess. Grrr… I basically said fuck the money so I could be myself and not what other people thought I should be. Can you tell it irritates me? So I feel your pain.

    And I know you’ve been shacked up… uhhh I mean busy, yeah busy, but if you get a second I have a couple posts up about my new ink…

  4. Okay see… I think Im a tat snob. IMO they are personal.. so the reason mine isnt seen is personal.

    I dont care if anyone else has them, and I dont care to see them. Thing is… I dont care that much about anyone elses personal choices… like.. who they fuck, who they vote for, what they eat… etc… I do not need details of anyones personal biz unless they want to share it with me. I am not a quizzical one, which prob makes me a bit of an introvert.

    Your tats dont make you, but in some others eyes they can break you. And many are still of the belief your body is on loan from god. Therefore you should not mark it up. That is unrealistic in this day and age, but true nonetheless.

    oh and WHY? did you really ask that … being a mother… YOU know there are no right answers for that question!!!! you totally get the no-no chair!! =]

  5. sweets: thats dreadful! i wonder if he took legal action…?
    i reckon i should just say its part of my culture!

    nosjunkie: yay lee!

    meherenow: phew… terrorist eh? i’d a never guessed!

    bridget: tell me about it…

    cami: lol… sounds like fun! here you get stared at if you have a slightly unusual handbag- let alone purple hair or tattoos!

  6. many people look at a nose ring and a shaved head and think that the person will grow out of it and when they do they can pop out that nose ring and grow back their hair and then they can look “normal” “decent” and “respectable”

    and you can’t do that when you have tattoos apparently.

    Though I have to say, here in Portland people really don’t notice as much. It’s anarchy here. Cute soccer mommies living harmoniously with corporate suit types (who have tattoos underneath) living next to musicians who don’t do drugs have piercings or tattoos shacked up with tattooed writers down the street from the gal with purple hair with her sweater vest wearing wife.

    No wonder I find myself so at home here.

  7. tattoos = unprofessional the same as I get headscarf = terrorist!!

    Small mindedness = todays world I’m afraid!

    I love your tattoos and tattoos in general I just haven’t got one coz its against my religion – doesn’t mean I don’t use henna to its full potential though!!!

  8. it’s a personal thing to have tattoo’s, i don’t think it’s unprofessional at all, just personal taste. what stops me from getting one is that they are so permanent. i read about a guy in the UK that was fired because he had so many tattoo’s, horrible, how can they do that?!

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