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Wife, mom, cake artist, Guide Dog puppy raiser, ADHD champion, wedding planner, and tattooed cat slave.

6 Responses to An Email From My Mommy Darling

  1. angel says:

    mel: aw mel…

    dyna: ;-D

  2. Dyna Girl says:

    Oh, what a family! Kind of jealous but more touched and right happy for your blessing, Mamacita! xoxox love you.

  3. Mel says:

    She is amazing, your mom.
    Now I want 4 kids again, shucks!

  4. angel says:

    sweets: me either doll, me either!

    darla: 😉

  5. darla says:

    ah! That is sweet!

  6. sweets says:

    that’s so sweet! gotta love the parents, wouldn’t want it any other way myself 😉