Back To Normal…

February is over and done with… today is the last day- leap year day. And yesterday was hectic- I am working my cute li’l backside (not) off at work and enjoying it too… and then all of a sudden at lunch time I felt like I was getting a cold- stiff neck, sore ears, scratchy throat. Damn! I have too much to do this weekend to get sick now…

And yesterday was my Granny Darling’s 83rd birthday! I so badly wanted to go and have coffee with her after work, but I was afraid to go near her with my newly acquired cold! She’s doing REALLY well bunnies- she is now home with a “nurse” from 7 to 7 who helps her dress and get in and out of bed and such. She also cooks lunch and such so my granny can take it easy.

Then last night, The Glugster took me out to dinner. Yes bunnies- we had a date- and we went to Cape Town Fish Market for sushi!
We sat at the conveyor-belt table thingy where the chefs are in the middle and you can watch as they prepare the dishes. This time I tried a little more of everything- except the tuna- and I just love the salmon! I took pictures of course, and I watched intently as the chef prepared each dish. Its unbelievable what they manage to achieve with one mother trucker size knife!!!

And on the arachnid front (I think most of you know how I love spiders), on the weekend I found a brown widow in the guest loo* at Glugs’ place. She was living behind the maid’s clothing that is hung up behind the door, and she’d been there long enough to shed at least once. She was just gawjiss– but I asked Damien to take her outside into the garden so she wouldn’t get squished should the maid spot her. And of course I didn’t want her to get bitten either. So Damien duly took her out into the garden and hung the clothing back up in the loo. In the week Glugs said he thought he’d seen her again- the widow that is- outside his front door. I didn’t see her when I got there on Wednesday night though. Then last night Glugs announce that she was back, in the guest loo, behind the clothes! Is that not awesome! I’ve never seen a spider do that- move back to where she was after being taken outside! And there’s a wolf spider living in Glugs’ living room. He has wooden floors and the one day we were going shopping or something and as he put his shoe on she appeared next to his shoe. We’d already known she was there so we keep an eye out for her. Glugs stopped putting his shoe on and slowly pulled it back so we could see her properly. As I knelt down to see her better she tried to make a break for her hidey hole in the corner- and she was slipping on the wooden tiles like cats and dogs do! I hosed myself- I never imagined a spider could also slip on the floor! OOH- and I found a spitting spider in Glugs’ bathroom the night before last! They’re small, but with a very distinctive shape and colouring. SO pretty!

* ‘coz naturally its easier to use the guest loo than to schlepp upstairs!

17 thoughts on “Back To Normal…

  1. homey: LOLOL

    terri: i said the same thing about the sushi- it makes for cool photos!

    s.s.n.: ;P

    darla: ooh i love snakes!

    s.c.g.: no worries girl- you are not alone!

    dyna: 😀 i dunno if the pied-piper is me or glugs…

    peong: snigger i have yet to try eel, tuna or white fish…

    s e e quine: oooh, i wish i had a sushi place next door to me…

    phats: teehee… shall i warn you next time?

  2. Fish freak me out dead, alive, cooked, uncooked. So I had to quickly scroll thru that part so I wouldn’t have a panic attack haha.

    I am glad Feb is over too!

  3. ` I luvs spiders! So happy I live next to a sushi place. Stuff is so good! No conveyor belts there, but I did see a place at a mall that had them.
    ` Mmmmmmmm. Salmon & tuna sushi! Raw fish eggs! Mago, avocado, delish orange sauce….

  4. Shudder…As an arachniphobe, I will be commenting on the sushi only.

    I meant to welcome you to your new addiction on the post about sushi a couple of days ago, but it seems all I had to do was wait. 🙂 Its just so good. I would recommend the unagi (eel) if you get a chance. Its a favorite for both trini and myself.

  5. mmmmm, sushi. Tuna is my FAVORITE! I crave it, actually. It’s pretty weird. I just love, love, love it!

    Maybe you are the pied piper of arachnids?

  6. Delightful looking sushi Angel!
    And ooh spides! ::shiver:: I used to be such a girl about the things. Our first single wide trailer was completely invaded by all types and barely tolerated it. Snakes on the other hand …

  7. I think the best thing about sushi is the way it always looks so good!
    (note my lack of enthusiasm on the spider front!)

  8. sweets: omg… i disown you!

    will: you’ll have to come and visit!

    glugs: you have to know what to look for babe… ;P

    nat: and me!!! again!!!

    meherenow: your daughter will be more than welcome- i’ll take her on a tour!

    michelle hix: you’ve all fallen in love with my glugs??!?!

  9. Sorry…as much as we’ve all fallen in love with Glugs…I’d have to break up with him now…I can’t do spiders…ha ha.

  10. Spiders would be the reason I don’t live in a warmer country.The little spiders we get here scare the bee-jeebers out of me as it is!! Can I send my daughter out to you? she LOVES them(!)and snakes,bats,vampires,demons and whatever else Darren Shan gets up to in the books!! And she has the gall to say I’m weird for my Harry Potter liking/obsession!

  11. Yum, Yum, Yummy! Reading your blog always leaves me hungry! Guess what I am having for dinner? 🙂

  12. Strange thing is. I never noticed all these spiders at my place until Angel started visiting…..coincidence?????

  13. ha… woman you are not well hehe… spiders!!! i have no mercy after i got bitten, kill them! i know you’ll hate me now… 😉

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