I Am Almost Embarrassed…

the widow behind the clothes before Damien moved her outside…
the brown widowafter she came back inside and relocated next to the toilet- obviously miffed at being disturbed in the first place…
my gawjiss new necklace from the glugster…

sister B’s elegant and divine cupcakes
moi- in my elegant hat
sister B- blowing out her obligatory birthday candle
me at Bloggerati- sporting my wings my new hat
one of my new pairs of shoes

I was so spoilt this weekend that I am practically blushing just to think about it!
I was given shoes, two new hats (I wore one to Bloggerati and one to my sister’s tea-party), jewellery AND a brand new cellphone… a MotoRazr2… my loathed MotoKrazr gave up the ghost this weekend and the Glugster got so tired of me whining about the phone I hated that he bought me a new one.

My always lady-like sister B celebrated her birthday this Saturday past with an elegant, ladies only tea party- replete with lots of roses and divine cupcakes! My mommy darling, sister C and I wore hats as per our definition of elegant, and sister B was very pleased with her celebration.

Bloggerati was a wee bit of a disappointment… the Glugster, Sweets, my darling Damien and myself went along and were very warmly, and immediately, welcomed by Matthew and Vincent, who speeched a little shortly afterwards welcoming everyone. There was plenty of wine and beer and lots of yummy nibbly things- but apart from one dude whose name-tag said “Gustav” (who came to ask me about my wings) we didn’t speak to anyone except our little trio. The people who were there clearly knew each other and stood chatting in little groups….
Damien spent the evening doing the arbitrary negative anti-social teenager thing and sat on the steps away from everyone, smoking and listening to music on his phone.

Sadly, we just missed seeing Mistakes and Thrills who arrived just after we left. As she did, we also experienced the “the once-over-up-and-down glance” (as she put it) before they continued with their convo’s. I spose we could have tried a little harder to mingle… we left without saying goodbye.

I hope you all had an awesome weekend…

19 thoughts on “I Am Almost Embarrassed…

  1. B. Widow Spider: And can you believe it? They evicted me twice yesterday, with no notice even! Honestly, I left them three insects and you’d think that would be enough rent for the month, but, nooooooo!

  2. globus: howdy newbie! yes indeed- she is real- but Latrodectus geometricus (i love her scientific name, its so pretty) is not deadly, and won’t bite you unless you grab her…

    michelle hix: mwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaa

    gnat: sorry dude- shall i post a warning next time?

  3. I really really….really hate spiders! Love cupcakes, hate spiders. I really hate spiders. Those spider really freak me out.

    Gnat “spider hater”.

  4. If I saw that spider, I would run around the house screaming, wiping and slapping myself silly trying to get it off me for at least 10 minutes. Then I’d go back to see if it was there or if it had jumped on me so that I could start the running around screaming process all over again.

  5. becauseican: heh heh, we were outside in the garden- and i also love the skoene!!!

    lopz: teehee, very cool!

    gustav: howdy! i couldn’t remember your blog name! very true- attempting the mingling woulda helped… and my wings are often a talking point!

  6. Well, your wings were most excellent, I just had to ask about them.

    I knew only one or two people there. The secret is to mingle. That’s the point of these meetings.

    Another secret is to pour your coke into a wineglass, so that you look elegant and sophisticated.

    And the last secret is that I also have ADD. Small world, eh?


  7. LOL, well hi!!! Yeah, I know what you mean… I’m just busy getting to know your cosy little group online, and so far so good 🙂

  8. Love the Skoene!!

    The cupcakes look a tad bit intimidating for me (dont like food prettier than me)..

    Im sorry the party was so antisocial,,perhaps Glugs shouldve walked behind you with a Red fork and horns and prodded you around the hall??


  9. the not so “new” mom on the blog: teehee, the widow wasn’t there when you were there- i had already had damien take her out!

    yellowdog granny: why thank you!

    preposterous ponderings: ta!

    bridget: aw b, had we known the lovelies were there we woulda saught them out!

    sweets: me too!

    ruby: lol, i can’t not post the widow!

    the jackson files: hey there- welcome to my mind, newbie!! oh, and me too !!

    natalie: i love painted toes…

    lopz: another new visitor! yay yay!!! i think i would attend another one if i knew more bloggers i had connected with were attending, it makes “networking” a little easier when you have an “in”… so to speak

  10. I’m following this Bloggerati story around. It doesn’t sound like it was quite all that hey! Would you go to another one?

  11. I love your toes and shoes! GAWJISS doll! You always have fun weekends! Love reading about them!

  12. you just had to go and post the pics of the spider didn’t you???
    *staring at screen in horror and shock*

    Glad you were spoilt hun:) Always nice! enjoy!!!

  13. i still can’t believe we just missed expensive mistakes!! ai tog… anyway you so deserve to be spoilt, good for you glugs!!

  14. Now I feel bad for not being there and for my lousy friends not paying you any attention.

    Aggg man!

    Poserville I say.

    And yes, be very ashamed you were so spoiled.

  15. You so deserve to be spoiled !

    Enjoy it while it lasts girl. ;o)

  16. i loooove hats…but i have one of those pin heads and never look good in them..you look great in yours…

  17. Awwwwww you are really lucky and I just love the way Glugs spoils you – You SO DESERVE IT my friend! (hey easy on the spider pics – *shiver* I am just glad I never saw it (as i used that loo). Hugs to you!!!!!

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