Voting Is Open On The SA Blog Awards 2008

Whilst sulking about the fact that I didn’t get in… again… I also wanna say HUGE congrats to a whole bundle of my regular blog reads who DID get in- WOW!!!

=> Mamameea is a finalist in two categories- Best Personal and Best Undiscovered Blog
=> So Close is a finalist in the Best Personal and Best Weblog of the Year categories
=> Kyknoord made it through for Most Humorous South African Blog
=> Jenty is a finalist for the Best Photographic Blog
=> Expensive Mistakes & Cheap Thrills (aka EMCT) is a finalist in the Best Personal Blog
=> The Bad Mommy Blog is a finalist in the Best Group Blog category (yay- all credit to EMCT)

So make sure y’all go and vote now okay! I did already!

12 thoughts on “Voting Is Open On The SA Blog Awards 2008

  1. nosjunkie: i dig it too girl!

    darla: why thank you!

    lunanik: right. off with you then!

    gnat: teehee… i don’t wanna know…

    m@: nuh uh dude- not at all!

  2. Gah! This post just gave me a great big mental kick in the butt because I have to:

    A: Vote for Bad Mommy Blog
    B: Post at Bad Mommy Blog
    C: Do my Bad Mommy homeword
    D: Give Bad Mommy a shout out on my own blog

    Wow. Better get to work on that, eh?

  3. sorry you didn’t make it! you are a fantastic read all the time!
    congrats to those who did and way to go with the big SA Blog Award support! what a good friend!

  4. Yeah, Exmi did us good. Did you see the competition though? Two of those blogs, I contribute in that section. Ohhhhh I’m so torn.

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