We went to again!
I don’t have the girl’s permission to post their pictures- but the five of us looked fabulously gawjiss, naturally!
I was informed early in the day by my friend and collleague “C” that I would be drinking a shooter each time one of thje girls griped about their other half, because I have nothing to complain about relationship-wise.
We regaled each other with some of our most embarrassing stories- Ydnic is particularly funny- we chatted about our kidlets, we laughed with and at each other, we danced a little. A groovy ladies night.
The picture shows most of the shooters we had- I didn’t take a picture of the “Bunny Boiler” and there were two rounds of tequila (gold with an orange half-slice and brown sugar). The “Strawberry” was by far mine and Ydnic’s favourite of the evening, and I love the “Jelly Baby”. The “Silky Panties” usually has a cherry in it- but I think the barman was a wee bit torched… apart from the shooters I stuck to beer- Black Label as always- and we drank LOTS of water as well. The water definitely helps keep you sober as well as avoid a headache if you are prone to them…
I got “home” to the the Glugster’s place around midnight, pretty much sober- despite the amount of alcohol consumed- just sleepy!
The Glugster went to the Lion-Bulls rugby game at Loftus with my daddy darling and my sister C’s other half, whilst I gallivanted with the girls. Glugs is a Lion, and my daddy darling is a Bull- as am I.
Apparently the Lions played on Friday night…

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5 Responses to Ladeeeez…

  1. angel says:

    yellowdog granny: luckily i don’t get them…

    sweets: i missed you tjomma!

    doula mel: make a plan girl!

    dawn: it was great fun indeed! wish you were here…

  2. Dawn says:

    Sounds like fun – makes me seriously jealous, and what a totally cool venue. Very SEX AND THE CITY type jol! Miss you!!!! Take this over the spiders, any day. xox

  3. Mel says:

    Jealous! Haven’t had a drinking girl’s night out forever!

  4. sweets says:

    sounds like loads of fun!!! dangit…

  5. yellowdog granny says:

    glad my drinking days are all behind me…no more hangovers..