F1 Kicked Off In Australia Today

Oh my. Bunnies- I cannot convey to you all how excited I was- I have been waiting, and I have been super-stoked, and I have programmed the entire F1 calendar into my cellphone with reminders… I could not WAIT for the first race of the season!
I set my alarm clock for an hour before the race, because there’s “Inside F1” and interviews and the like and they talk about qualifying and the new rules and F1 history and stats and such, and it’s generally interesting. There’s no more traction control this season- which makes the start of each race very exciting because it now is more down to driver skill to get the car off the grid than the car’s technical set up. And this season each car has the same SECU (on board controls). There have been driver changes of course, as there are every season, and as Sasha Martinengo said- Mclaren is suffering under their 10 year itch…
I was so excited!!! I snuggled infront of the big screen TV with a glass of coke and a hot cup of coffee, I took out my notebook and I started scribbling notes as I watched.
Yes- I am that big a fanatic, I take notes on what’s happening throughout the race and I often record them and watch them over and over again.
The last couple of years- since F1 moved to DSTV (a pay TV satellite service in South Africa) I have missed more than half of each season because I do not HAVE this satellite service at home. I survived on highlights and trolling the web for tidbits and news.
Anyhoodle- this weekend my sweetheart brought myself and Damien, Sweets, Kay and Jay to the game lodge we visited in December. It has been spectacular. We went on a night game drive when we got here with a huge spotlight and we’ve driven all over the farm. The weather has played along beautifully too, it hasn’t been too hot or too cold, which makes for awesome game viewing! It’s been fantastic- bonfires and finding bugs everywhere! The boys have had a wonderful time!
So anyway, back to this morning’s broadcast. I also wanted to find out about the qualifying as I hadn’t seen anything about it yesterday. The last I had heard was that Kimi Raikonnen (sp?) had been fastest in practice on Friday, which meant my beloved red fire engines were doing well. I was happy.
Then my little happiness bubble deflated a tad when they started showing highlights of the qualifying and telling me that Hamilton qualified 1st and Kovalainen 3rd… both of then in McLarens.
Then it deflated a wee bit more with one of the BMW’s in 2nd place on the grid.
Then they announced that ONE of my Ferrari’s (with Felipe Massa behind the wheel) was in 4th. Okay, I can live with 4th and 5th I thought, eagerly awaiting the declaration that Kimi was at Massa’s side in the place on the grid. Then they uttered those horrible words… “and poor Kimi, who had a dreadful qualifying yesterday, is down in…”
Down where I hear you ask!!?!

I don’t fargin know!!! I am stuck in the Waterberge near Nylstroom with no cellphone, internet connection or TV because the fucking power went out due to rain!!!



Somebody shoot me please!!!