Bad Mommy Homework

~~~~~~ Update: here’s my homework post… ~~~~~~

You can find today’s post on The Bad Mommy Blog a little later (I’m still working on it), since what I was going to post here today turned into very belated Bad Mommy Homework for LAAAST week whilst I wrote it… I didn’t ask the other mommies for an extension though so I hope I don’t get detention. Our instructions were as follows:

This week’s homework takes the form of a letter. You will write this letter to your kid, with the intention that he will receive it on an important milestone in their life. This milestone can be anything – an age, an event or any time in the future you think is appropriate.

As much as I longed to do it, I really battled with it- considering Damien turns 17 in less than 3 weeks, I feel like I am running out of milestones. First steps, words, day-at-school, detention, girlfriend, fight, best-friend, exams, date, party. . . all gone already!

First time drinking? BTDT. . .

First time smoking? BTDT. . .

First time sex? Prolly BTDT. . . but I’m not thinking about it. . .

I s’pose there’s still things like getting his driver’s license, his first car, his first real job, his wedding day and his own children’s birth. . . but I’ll get to those when I have some time to sit down and mull them over appropriately.

And then this morning started out particularly engagingly, and I had a brainwave. I was actually writing the post in my head as I drove when I realized it fitted last week’s homework! It doesn’t fit entirely as it’s not a milestone, but I’m going to work around that.

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8 thoughts on “Bad Mommy Homework

  1. ` Poor things – since the new tenants haven’t moved in yet, I’ve taken them back over here for one more trip to the roof.
    ` They were amazed at how empty it’s gotten!
    ` And boy do I have one killer post – with pictures of the cats and mildew and everything!
    ` Since the ceilings are so high, we’re actually going to build some ‘catwalks’ up there. Of course, we won’t neglect to take them outside when it’s not too cold!

  2. ` Wow! When I was seventeen, I hadn’t done much at all, not having been out of the house much, even to go to school.
    ` It’s amazing how fast kids grow up when they are allowed to.

    ` PS I’m getting the internet in my new apartment on Friday. I’ll write about my moving adventure then!

  3. yes, you’re grounded for doing your homework late!! no seeing glugs this weekend ok! hehe…

    i also do the post thing in my head *phew* i thought i was weird, no more!! 😉

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