Help Me Choose…

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I feel like a change, oh all knowing bunnies of mine, so here’s your chance to have a little more input than usual! Help me choose a new header image for my blog, and the one with the most “votes” takes it!!! There’s a poll in my sidebar…

Then as soon as the poll closes, I’ll ,make the change… provided Blogger keeps it a decent size when I upload it of course- otherwise I’m just going to cry!!

19 thoughts on “Help Me Choose…

  1. I chose #4 becaue I think your exciting, adventurous, tender, fun, cheeky personalities show through most in it. I don’t think #2 reflects your ‘aliveness’ and #3seems a little sad to me. I did vote, by the way! xox

  2. I’m in favor of #1 because of the strawberry, though #2 is the best. You’re looking like your contemplating life’s mysteries.

  3. You look prettier in number one, the one that’s in color but… it’s got to be number three. It’s GOT to be the smile. That’s the one.

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