Did I Not Tell You Damien Is…

…permanently on his phone- chatting to his friends on MXit!!?!?!
This was the scene when I went to bed last night!
Damien is crashed on the couch ‘coz he’s watching movies and playing PS2 all day, its holidays so he’s allowed, he actually fell asleep with his thumb on the keypad…
I wonder if he was talking to Flower!!?!?

Thats Greebo by the way, he only sleeps with Damien. Taxi sleeps with me.

15 thoughts on “Did I Not Tell You Damien Is…

  1. LOL at Damien, he’s going to be gutted that you took photos of him like that 🙂 Nice blackmail material

  2. gnat: teehee…

    louisa: oh my goodness, i’ll have to watch people a little closer! LOL

    neen: ta

    restlesshousewife: tis indeed!

  3. Shame angel…he looks pretty tired!
    I have a similar photo somewhere of me after two days solid on IRC a while ago.

    Incidentally I think that is when I started making typing motions with my hands in normal conversations, and I’ve noticed some of my friends do it too – some make sms motions with their thumb and forefinger when they talk excitedly. Watch some hands of a few addicts and you’ll have a good giggle about this I promise! 😉

  4. two kids on the farm. One work “fireworks”. Then again I always loved fire…that really explains a lot..

    You should send his picture here to the phone company for the next advert run.


  5. ruby: damien also only chats to friends, and because its holidays he can chat as much as he likes- but on school nights he’s only allowed to mxit from 7 to 9.

    sweets: innit just?!

    polgara: greebo only sleeps with damien!

    nosjunkie: sniggering here…

    katt: ooer katt… do they not have phones to download it onto? what about ps2 or psp or something…? i know its not exactly farm-life…

    glugs: ;-P

  6. To be honest, I wish these two I am stuck with had Mixit. How do you entertain to city kids on a farm? *sigh* And it is only day two.

  7. hahahaha we have the same pic of gremlin a little while ago… diffs is that grem is almost 24 and not 16

  8. i have to admit that i’m on mxit too……no chat rooms though, only to chat to friends and the dudy

    I suspect thats what Jack looks like some nights though….cause he has the tendency to fall asleep while chatting…tee hee hee

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