A Bag Tag!!!

Right bunnies- Sweets asked for it (well, hinted more like) and I was tagged, courtesy of Boobah’s Mom…
My family refers to my handbags as “black holes”, and no matter how big or small they are I can NEVER find anything!!! I like switching handbags too, this is my favourite though.
So without further ado… Brace yourselves…

Black leather wallet, containing assorted cards, photos and my chequebook… a post all on its own!
Book called “a window on hope” that my sister C gave me
A beaded change purse
My car radio’s face, in its box
A perfume wand- Yardley’s Baroque- in its satin drawstring purse
Two shades of eye shadow
My cellphone walk-and-talk thingy
Two hair elastics
My Valentines card from Glugs
A plastic pill holder with meds in it- mine and Damien’s
Two asthma inhalers
My clinic card
One and a half tubes of germolene…
An antique, hand painted porcelain choker on a white ribbon
The manual for my cellphone
A “crocodile clip” for my hair
A purple rollerball
A purple colouring in pencil
Two tubes of labello hydro care
Mascara, Maybelline’s define-a-lash, LUV it!
Black eyeliner
Purplish-greeny-black nail polish
A striped plastic cocktail ring
Spare car keys
Two lipsticks, one in a holder and one not
Maybelline diamonds Lip gloss
A metal Brutal Fruit screw-top bottle opener shaped like a flirtle
The list of repairs from when my car was fixed last week
A movie ticket from when Damien, Glugs and I saw “30 Days of Night”
A receipt from McDonalds
Two modified Conners rating chart that three of Damien’s teachers and I fill in for his doctor
A twisted leather thong thingy that Damien gave me when he came home from camp
An emery board
A receipt from the Ultra City in Middelburg
An account from my doctor
Assorted business cards
A lone key… hhmmm…
A welcome back to school letter
A beaded stick I use to put my hair up
Four crystal beads
A lanyard with my work keys and access cards on it
A payslip
A CD full of pjhotographs from the family pictures Damien and I had taken in November
Greebo’s first collar
The invitation to my sister’s birthday tea party
A CD of photographs taken at the School Of Rock event earlier this year
A company meeting agenda from last Friday
An old prescription for Damien’s meds
A tube of Medisan waterless hand cleaner
My mini photo album brag-book of Damien
A moleskine notebook where I scribble and think when I am laptopless
A small metallic business card holder
Damien’s monthly school progress report from January
Hey! My letter from Rabbit- I wondered where that got to!

Oops, almost forgot to add housekeys, carkeys and two tampons! And My camera’s usually in its own bag since I dropped one on its lens a while ago and had to have it replaced, and my cellphone is always on me, seldom in my bag. Needless to say, my bags are always heavy…

Heh heh… bet you didn’t read the whole thing! And no, I ain’t tagging anyone…

16 thoughts on “A Bag Tag!!!

  1. Well yes I read the whole thing. I’m impressed… yours makes my handbag seem positively empty!

  2. Dude! Tell me that after your post…you cleared out some of that S.T.U.F.F. !!!

  3. globus is beginning to notice how incestuous south africa is.

    greebo’s first collar, what was that doing in there?! there is also a noticeable purple theme.

  4. sweets: coz it works for everything!

    polgara: um… no idea!

    nat: and i never denied it…

    boobah’s mom: i am impressed you made it through that!

    bridget: i do indeed!

    faerie: i actually sorted it out a coupla months ago…

    ruby: yay! gold star for me!

    nick: nope, i repacked it as i wrote the post!

    glugster: of course i do! and i read it often!!!

  5. Jeeze! You dumped all of that out? It’ll take a week to stuff it back in.

  6. goodness me….now i feel better! i have tons of crap in my bags…which i also like to switch…but you beat me!

  7. Holy SHIT! … I think its time for you to clean out your purse!!!

    Ill do this one tomorrow… maybe S will take the pic for me, since mine broke on my phone.

    ps.. thanks for going to paiges new blog…
    you can link it as long as people know its a kids blog… well Teen Bitching blog I guess is more appropriate.. just dont want folks asking her ass for an HNT!!!! LOL

  8. YAY!! I’m glad you did it!

    Sho, but you carry a W-H-O-L-E lotta shit around!

    **And of course I read the whole thing***

  9. hehe!!! ok now i’m satisfied… so why do we both carry germolene?? mwhahahahahaha

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