Happy Birthday

My Darling Damien.

Apple of my eye, light of my life, today you are seventeen years old.


Half my age.

That won’t happen again until you are 34 and I am 68!

So lets do what your Grampa started doing years ago… some celebratory birthday math! I know how you just LUUURV math…
17 years is 204 months, 884 weeks! Thats only 6205 days, seems so little doesn’t it? You are 148920 hours old… thats like 8935200 minutes dude!!!

Seventeen years ago today, at 2h47 in the morning, you made your way into this world. And like everything else you do, you came quickly-the nurses were quite stunned, telling me I’d nothing to worry about and that you’d arrive at around 7am… I was only in labour for about 5 hours total!

So, is there anything I wish I could go back and change in your life?

I wish with all my heart that I had kept more detailed records of the things you said and did growing up. I wish that I had properly dated all the photographs I took of you. That I spent more time playing playing with you. That I took more photographs of you. That I had your tiny footprints stored somewhere (it wasn’t something anyone thought of way back when you were born).

I love you Strawbreez… Many happy returns!!!

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18 Responses to Happy Birthday

  1. angel says:

    supermom: ta, ja… makes me very heartsore…

    bridget: thank you!!

  2. Bridget says:

    Happy belated birthday Damien!

  3. Melany aka Supermom says:

    Happy happy birthday to him. Looking at those photos makes me sad already. Thinking that my boys will be that big too!

  4. angel says:

    allbunnies: thank you all so much!!! i’ll be passing all your wishes on when i see damien later!!!

  5. Blue Sunflower says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Damien…
    Hope you had a fantastic day….

    Angel – you sound like a really cool mom….Well Done.


  6. AfroSLiQ Diva says:

    Aaw, I’m late…..


    Ok, Happy Belated burday, Damien!!!

  7. Natalie says:

    Happy Birthday Damien!

  8. Ruby says:

    happy happy Damien!!! May it be a fantastic day and may the year ahead be unbelievable!

    P.S. I hope little flower spoils you a little;)

  9. Sheena Gates says:

    Happy Happy Demon!

    Congrats Angel, you’ve done a great job!

  10. sweets says:

    happy birthday damien, you rock 😉

  11. Writeprocrastinator says:

    Happy Birthday, Damien!

  12. Sometimes Saintly Nick says:

    Happy, Happy Damien Birthday!

  13. Faerie says:

    Happy Birthday to Damien!!!!

    You are almost grown… cherish the small amount of juvenile uyou have left in you.. its fun.

  14. M@ says:

    All women love that “word”: lurve. Huh.

  15. Jenty says:

    Hope Damien had a fantastic birthday today!

  16. BecauseIcan says:

    Happy Happy Birthday.. You are a big boy now!!


  17. MeHereNow says:

    Happy Birthday Damien – make the very most of your life,be the best you can be and love your Mum with all your heart – coz she loves you with all of hers!!

  18. Louisa says:

    Happy birthday to your baby angel… 🙂