Weekend Roundup!!

On Friday evening when I arrived at Glugs’ house I was quite worn out after a week from hell at work. Damien had packed the glasses and coffee mugs into boxes since Glugster (in his bachelordom) doesn’t have enough in his house to cater for my family! We were expecting about thirty people, including kidlets!
You know bunnies, my man is just the sweetest… he’d also had a rough week with all the power outages and such so we just popped out to get some groceries and take out for supper and went to sleep!
I didn’t even switch on my laptop!!
Saturday morning we were up early, I made coffee for Glugs and then I woke the birthday boy with a cup of coffee and a happy birthday text message. Then we shot through to my place to visit my favourite tuisnywerheid*. My family and I have frequented the same shop for about 15 years and have NEVER been disappointed. We stocked up on a chocolate cake, custardy lemon tart, savoury snacks and then dashed to Pick ‘n Pay for chips and cold drink. We also got paper plates and a box-mix of cheesecake and chocolate muffins that I love.
When we got home Glugs’ maid was there getting the house sorted out for the guests, so I made the muffins and the cheesecake and left the maid to do her thing.

Damien discovered a wolf spider on the veranda with her babies on her back! Too cool!

As soon as the maid had finished downstairs I started moving furniture around and putting cups out and setting the table for all the nibbly things. I couldn’t get over all the space Glugs’ has compared to my place. My flat isn’t small- but it’s always a mission to fit everyone in, I don’t have enough chairs, there isn’t enough parking and the smokers have to go outside and stand outside my neighbour’s kitchen window!! And you can imagine how well that goes down… NOT!
At 3 o’clock everyone started arriving, with my folks arriving first.
As Glugs’ has already mentioned, his place is wonderful for entertaining and we had a fabulous afternoon and evening. Damien got lots of pressies and attention and we had a lovely time!
We had the night pretty much to ourselves as Damien’s friend J was there for the night and Glugs and I closed ourselves up in his bedroom and, ahem, watched TV.
Sunday we slept till 11am!!! I was quite speechless when Glugs’ woke me up!
Then we headed downstairs for the exciting part of the day… cleaning up party mess! And no Sweets, the paper plates did not go in the dishwasher… thank goodness for a dishwasher!!!
Then I watched the Bahrain F1!! Super stoked over a Ferrari 1-2!!! I’ll do a post on Malaysia and Bahrain later this week as I forgot my Malaysia race review.
Glugs’ fell asleep on the couch whilst I watched the race, so after the race, we handed the TV and the PS2 controls over to Damien and J and went back upstairs. We read and, erm, snoozed the afternoon away… teehee… during which time J’s mom picked him up and Damien had the TV to himself.
So. This weekend and during last week, Glugs and I earnestly discussed mine and Damien’s moving in with him.
Damien and I will be living with Glugs’, probably before the end of the year. Obviously we both have stuff to sort out before this can happen. And in all earnestness, its rather daunting for me, I’ve been in my flat for over 12 years and just the thought of changing my address leaves me cold. Let alone sorting out 12 years worth of crap that I have managed to accumulate!!!
But you know what… every single day when I come home from work I wish I was going home to him.
I have discussed it with Damien too, and his main concern was whether or not the cats would be coming with us. I was surprised that there was not more to it than that for him… but I think mine and Glugs’ relationship has a lot less impact on him than it could have had were he a toddler or a lot younger than he is.

*a tuisnywerheid is an Afrikaans word for a shop where you can buy homemade goodies

12 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup!!

  1. Oh Angel. I’m so so happy things are working out for you so swimmingly! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been by here, but I’m all caught up now. How absolutely fabulous!

  2. nosjunkie: hey girl! LTNS!!!

    globus: nope, whilst their bite may be painful- they are the run and hunt type spiders and rely on their speed and size rather than build webs, hence her carrying her babies till their first moulting as there’s no “nest” to protect them.

  3. Whoooooohoooooooooooooooooooooo
    god cant believe that I have been gone so laong that I managed to miss this.
    I am so happy for yous guys…..Dams is cool cause he knows your happy

  4. louisa: aw thats so cool!!!

    ruby: shite! sorry, i forgot the warning!!!
    and thanx…

    faerie: he seldom expresses much, he’s like my dad and my brother that way. you may get a “cool!” and a smile instead of just a “cool” when he’s excited…

    katy katy katy: its very exciting and scary and all…

    sweets: aw, ta tjomma!

    terri: and it flies when you dunno what you’re doing…

    michelle: 😀

  5. Whoa! Where have I been…congratulations. I love hearing good news. And I’m not talkin about that damn wolf spider you are dangling in my face, I’m talking about the big move! I can totally understand the “daunting” part. You are settled and comfortable…but hey, it’s time for a change and a good one at that!

  6. I’m so happy for you 🙂 It sounds like you guys had a great weekend… but when did Damien skip to 17??! Wasn’t he just turning 15 the other day??! Oh my, time flies when ur having fun, hey?

  7. moving in together???? wow… sort of didn’t see that one coming… but so glad!!!! i can be so dof sometimes!!! wow, taking things to another level… i guess you guys need some extra ahem… naps and such hehe

    way cool couple!
    way cool damien!

  8. wow sounds like you were having lots of fun. I think its great that things are going so well with you guys that you are talking about moving in together

  9. Im glad you guys had a special day for Damien. I am sure he loves it too.

    As for the moving in and whatnot.. I bet Damien is just as happy about it. Something that he may not express, but kids genuinely feel good when someone loves their parent and child. It lets them know that they were never the reason for things they have no control anyway… grown up stuff.

  10. *breathe, breathe breathe*

    c’mon angel hunny…how many times do i have to tell you this….warnings pls when you’re posting a pic of a spider;( I don’t mind you posting it or anything, but pls gimme a little bit of a heads up next time;)

    Seems like damien had a lovely little party…i’m so glad:) Isn’t a tuisnywerheid just the best place to get goodies????

  11. You’re moving in together? *grins* That is fantastic news – I declare you two to be my new favourite couple, honestly.

    So sweeeeet… *sigh*

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