Brand New Insomniac!

The one who can sleep and has slept anywhere!
I am wide a-friggin-wake!
It’s like I just can’t switch my brain off.
I dunno how anyone could do this on a regular basis… I really don’t. I mean, I usually average about 5,5 hours sleep… but this is the second time in two weeks that I just cannot get to sleep.
I tried reading my book. I watched TV. I played every game of mahjong there is on my cellphone. I played solitaire and freecell. I turned out the light and lay in the dark telling, nay, willing myself to fall asleep… to no avail.
It’s now just after 1am.
And I would love to call the Glugster but I know I’ll wake him up…
Maybe I slept too much on the weekend? But I know that doesn’t make sense because I have slept entire weekends away in the past without battling to fall asleep in the week that follows.
Anyone else awake…?

11 thoughts on “Brand New Insomniac!

  1. welcome to my world hun…i’m the classic semi-insomniac…a condition no doctor understands. I function on about 3 hours sleep on average…and i’m quite happy to do so…but a night of total insomnia throw’s me over the edge just a little…i’m coping with a fine balance here

  2. Sorry not awake! Maybe I was if you take our time change into consideration?!? I’m having weird dreams but not the insomniac issue and a real bad habit of getting up at 3a for no apparent reason … day after day after day.

  3. My dear friend – now you know how I feel – have been like this for almost 3 years now!!!!! Hey if I knew you were awake so late we could have chatted!

  4. URG!!!

    I would just cry if I couldn’t sleep when I wanted to.

    When you party like I do, you cannot be an insomniac!

  5. hey you! i’m one of those too… but i quite enjoy it… which is strage hehe my only ASSvice… eat bananas… works for me 😉

  6. dawn: ta sweetie!

    hotsteppa: why hello new visitor- say hello allbunnies! welcome! welcome!

    sage: i posted at about 1 and you commented around 4:30

    faerie: lol… suprise!

    louisa: sheesh… okay, i have got to do something about this asap.

  7. This happens to me from time to time…sometimes for two weeks at a time! Then I kind of doze off while walking round in the day and keep falling down stairs and into desks and so on (think black and blue bruises all over) – I’m just glad that hasn’t happened in a long time.

  8. I’m here
    but I havent a clue what time this was posted
    what time it is there
    good luck falling asleep!

  9. I’ve bn in this boat for 3 months now. I blame stress! i use the time constructively now though, embracing insomnia with blog post after blog post, listening to the tracks on my ipod that I would normally ignore or watching downloaded sitcoms for hours.

    Nothing like a good laugh to tire your mind!

  10. I am but in my corner of the world it is only 9pm. I did this for two years – and now that I am back to a normal sleep pattern, I often ask myself how I did it. I hope a sweet dream finds you soon. xoxo

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