How To Tell If Angel Is PMSing…

For one thing, she’ll prolly give you a heads up.

In all honesty, it’s usually pretty mild… and I usually try to ignore it.
I really don’t battle like some people do and at most it 2 or 3 days every other month, but occasionally it’s a little worse… and that’s when I feel it’s fair to warn Glugs and Damien if there’s a possibility that they should rather not look at me let alone expect me to be all smiles.
When it is bad… it looks like this:

It takes VERY little to piss Angel off, and as frustration levels increase so do temper levels and it takes every ounce of her restraint not to throw her laptop on the floor and go home. Frustration also increases as things with the project she’s working on do not go well and she does not get the help requested from her colleagues.
Totally irrational irritation goes right along with the frustration and even having the radio on can result in a fit of rage. And if at that moment the radio itself is bearable, having a shitty song play, or hearing the news can result in vicious-nail-breaking-stabbing motions at the completely innocent and unsuspecting radio console’s buttons. It usually takes the poor little Sanyo a couple of days to come out of hiding under the dashboard.
Let’s not get into road rage okay… just watch the fork out and be glad she doesn’t have nudge bars on the front of her Corsa!!! People have been known to pull off the road at the sound of foul language emanating from the always open driver window, thinking the gates of hell have opened!
Then on top of that, there’s the completely illogical paranoia as well. And she knows it’s illogical so do not even try to ask her if she knows or comprehends this. She lets it get to her anyway… Sending an email and not getting a reply can result in an almost cataclysmic depression. So you can imagine what may be going through her mind when she sends personal (ie: not joke slash cartoon slash story-to-make-you-smile) emails to no less than fourteen different people in one morning and gets NOT. ONE. EFFING. REPLY!!!

You get the picture?
I am PMSing today.

Big time.

I hate to think what it would be like without my happy pills…

8 thoughts on “How To Tell If Angel Is PMSing…

  1. That is awesome. Mroar. Angel’s on the prowl!
    I wish there was a universal code phrase like ‘Back the Eff Off!’ or something that is a universal quote around the world that it’s MY week and leave me the heck alone!
    Why don’t men have to explain their uncontrolled rage with weekly PMS? Somethings are just not fair! lol

  2. good grief i immediately checked my in box, did i miss this email??? i can’t find anything!!! i always reply on your mails, so next time when you feel… fragile… send me a mail ok? ((hugs))

  3. writeprocrastinator: lololol, i like that!

    rrramone: 😀

    meherenow: ;-P

    malicious intent: aw thats so sweet, thank you!

    faerie: oh no worries, i would have excused anyone who wasn’t in my time zone!

  4. Awe honey, wanna borrow my chainsaw? It really helps me relax when I feel that way. Also I just came across some more napalm if you need any, and I have a chocolate waterfall for the bedroom, that always helps.

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