Hey Bunnies

Yesterday for the first time in a loooong time I did not switch on my laptop at home.
Technically I was home very little… Anyhoodle, lemme fill you in.
I had a full day.
My appraisal could have gone better. I scored well where I always score well, integrity, diligence, accuracy… where I fell off the bus was project management. This was something new for me this year and I didn’t manage the one project I was given very well at all. I was so excited to do it as I had done the spec myself and talked my clients into going for it, that I barrelled into it with no clear plan or outline and without delegating anything or anything- I wish I could tell you why, I have no explanation… When I looked again I was running out of time and money and I wasn’t nearly finished. There were other factors, but thats what it boiled down to.
Bad bad bad bad bad…
But I learnt my lesson, and it won’t happen again.

And Taxi did not get out, thank goodness, when Damien got home the little scheister was asleep on my bed. Clearly he just had not wanted to be found. He really wasn’t well and wouldn’t even eat a bit of chicken that Damien offered him… not like him at all! When I got home I put on his harness, coaxed him gently into his travel box (which he likes so its easy) and we went to the vet.
The same as two weeks ago, she couldn’t find anything wrong. He had a fever significant enough to put him off his food and he’d been listless and not himself at all, but his mouth and gums are pink, his eyes are bright, his ears are fine, and she says his heart and innards all sound and feel like they should. There’s no visible explanation for his fever.
He spent the night at the vet and they’re going to do tests this morning for feline leukemia (FeLV) and F.I.V. Both are viruses and both are usually transmitted through fighting, so we’re testing Taxi but since he doesn’t go outside its a bit of a mystery as to how he could have gotten either one. Grampa Scratchy died of old age and kidney failure, but otherwise he was healthy, and even his and Taxi’s occasional tiff was not particularly dramatic or bloody. Occasionally they can be transferred from queen to kitten, but Taxi is nearly 5 years old. And the only “sign” Taxi is showing is a fever, which is a little odd… and Greebo is fine. Neither virus is a death sentence, but it will change his lifestyle if he has either one.
I’ll hear from the vet this morning.

After I had been to the vet Damien and I popped in at my folks, it was initially for coffee and a howdy-do but we stayed for supper and got home round 9pm. I then went straight to bed. It took me a long time to fall asleep, and frankly I was suprised I was as awake as I was all day yesterday, but I slept well and I didn’t battle too much to get up this morning… but I always battle to wake up, I’m not a morning person.

And this morning there was a disagreement over the “uniform” again… Damien had put another long sleeved shirt over his school golf shirt and I told him, of course, to put it underneath or take it off. I then got whined at about how he hates having a mother on the PTA because I know everything and he hates not being able to wear what he likes and and and…
I kept my cool and calmly reminded him that his uniform consists of jeans, sneakers and a golf-shirt. Not a tie and blaser and leather shoes and and and… and my being strict had nothing to do with being on the PTA, that I’ve always been “like this”.

I got myself a coffee on the way to work to cheer myself up, and now I’m talking to you!

I hope you all have a groovy day!!!

6 thoughts on “Hey Bunnies

  1. ruby: 😀

    sweets: i like appraisals, i use them to move forward. but they’re daunting nonetheless!

    polgara: i was hoping too…

    bridget: 😀

    writeprocrastinator: if only it was that easy…

  2. Tell Taxi to get better and physically show Damien all the bad uniforms he could be wearing, hopefully that will set him straight.

  3. appraisel? wow… i don’t like those!! damien just loves being difficult doesn’t he? hehe

  4. i hope your kitty cat is OK hun! Glad the appraisel didn’t go off too bad….and kids….well, you gotta love the little buggers…..thank goodness i don’t have any

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