Okay… So I’m Slow!

I’ve been a bad mommy, oh bunnies o’ mine… all caught up in my new relationship with the Glugster and feeling all loved up and showered with attention as I’ve have been of late.

You all know Damien and I spend our weekends with the Glugster, and that Glugs and I seldom see each other during the week, so naturally we make the most of our time together!
But I realised this morning when I went to wake Damien up that I had absolutely no idea what time he went to bed last night! Usually I “blame” his fantastic morning disposition on his not being a morning person- which frankly I am not either- and just carry on regardless… but this morning I realised that since I had not made sure he got to bed at a decent hour last night I could not realistically expect him to be all mister-sunshine-and-light at 5:30am! I took my time waking him up because he is so not a morning person… but I wanted to make sure he was up before I went to get myself sorted. Otherwise he goes back to sleep, I have to rush him, we end up fighting, and and and!
See, what Glugs and I have been doing on a Sunday night is having supper with Damien, and then leaving the knucklehead to his own devices and the giant TV downstairs, whilst we go and watch what we would like to watch on the TV in our bedroom upstairs. This isn’t at like 6pm, so its not that early or anything (in case you were wondering) and on Friday and Saturday nights this is not an issue as Damien can stay up as long as he likes and watch all the Animax he can stand… and clear out the fridge in the process.
But on Sunday nights, as with week nights, I have- until a while ago that is- always made sure he was in bed and ready for school at a decent hour. Because I know that if I leave him to do it himself he’ll PS2 himself to sleep at 2am!
I have always prided myself on maintaining Damien’s routine, because I know he needs it, and because it keeps the peace at home.
But I haven’t been doing that. I cannot tell you why it slipped my mind so completely, I just haven’t done it. I think I half hoped he would be “grown up” enough to make sure of this himself- when I know in my heart and in my head that he isn’t that way. When I know that he needs his mommy-guided routine on a daily basis. Granted, its to a less and lesser degree as he gets older, but he does still need it. And I know this. I just ignored it for a while.
So I resolved, on the way to work this morning, to spend Sunday evenings with Damien and make sure he gets to bed a a decent hour BEFORE retiring with the Glugster.

That way we’ll still get our alone time, and Damien will have his routine back.

Do you follow a strict routine at home? Do you have bed-times and bath-times and meal times and TV times and such?

4 thoughts on “Okay… So I’m Slow!

  1. hey you, another one i missed… what’s going on??? i check your blog every day… anyway!!

    i have a routine too, i’m not mrs. rottenheimer but i tend to stick to the basics, my kids seem to flourish with a set routine šŸ˜‰

  2. Hey Angel,

    Ciara is only seven so she has a strict sundaynight to thursdaynight routine. She is not a morning person AT ALL either – and is very cranky if she doesn’t get enough sleep – just like me šŸ™‚

  3. Up to the last year or so I have always made my girls go to bed before 10 … now I just remind them that 5 am sucks…

    but to answer your question… yes … we have always had a schedule…. eat, shower, sleep …school, play, homework.

  4. Hey Angel,

    I have two young uns and they NEED their routine! If we get it wrong, they go seriously awry! Lucky for them, their dad hates TV and so that is minimised to almost nothing!

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