You are totally paranoid and neurotic, does that make you conceited?
If you ask me, the definitions are awfully close to each other aren’t they…

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9 Responses to If…

  1. www.restlesshousewife.com says:

    I’m DEFINITELY paranoid and neurotic, but wouldn’t consider myself conceited given that I have the self-confidence of a doormat (maybe more a welcome mat).

  2. angel says:

    hotsteppa: yes there is…

    dyna girl: join the club girl!

    blue sunflower: heh heh…

    ruby: i know i’m paranoid!

  3. Ruby says:

    i’m paranoid for sure…but with reason…i am however not conceited……or i don’t think so anyway…and i’ve never been accused of being that…i have however been accused of being paranoid

  4. Blue Sunflower says:


    I am also neurotic and paranoid at times…. Not sure if im conceited though…. lol

  5. Dyna Girl says:

    Well, I am neurotic and paranoid,and insecure. So, take THAT! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. HoTsTePPa says:

    Well, it could be worse, you could be neurotically paranoid!

    Theres also a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

  7. angel says:

    nick: they can be at that- and it depends on the reader…

    sage: i like that, convinced!

  8. Southern Sage says:

    I have at times been called and thought of as conceited but never paranoid or neurotic.

    I never thought of myself as conceited though, just convinced!

  9. Sometimes Saintly Nick says:

    Definitions can be confusing.