It’s Oreo-Gate!

Did I get your attention?
This, according to Wikipedia, is an Oreo cookie.

I love Oreos. Don’t they just look so divine?
They’re my favourite cookie. I like the original chocolate Oreos the most, the ones with the white “cream” filling, I don’t like the vanilla or milk chocolate ones. These new fangled things are all so disappointing…
Anyhoodle. They’ve changed their packaging. Where they used to pack the cookies in packs of four- inside a plain foil bag, four bags to a box- the foil bag has now been replaced with a branded foil bag.
So, I happened to notice something- whilst carefully pulling them apart and eating the icing off the inside and then putting them gently back together and to one side to enjoy the delicious chocolaty taste once I had scraped all 4 cookies clean- that the cookie I held in my hand did not look anything like the one in the picture on the bag in front of me! I put it aside and took the next one out of the bag.
Same thing… And the next and the next and the next!
I never noticed before!!!
My exhaustive and intensive (and exceptionally filling) research has forced me to go through no less than 2 boxes of Oreos- though I had some help from Damien and a couple of colleagues.
Here are my findings. Whilst the crunchy chocolate biscuit part of this classic sandwich cookie remains delicious and VERY more-ish and divine when dunked in ice-cold milk… most of the time the biscuit is not even round- nor is it nearly as thick as the one in the picture. I estimate it is an average of about 2mm thinner than advetrtised, that’s a lot of cookie when you calculate the circumference. The icing inside never EVER covers the cookie enough to go to the edge- and if it did it’d be WAAAY too thin to scrape off with your teeth. And I dare you to try and lick it off like they do in the adverts (twist-lick-dunk).

I even went to the lengths of emailing Kraft, the manufacturers of the Oreo cookie, to ask them why they were so very different… needless to say I have not heard from them.
And what infuriates me, is that this deceit doesn’t stop with the humble Oreo. ALL cookies… Lemon Creams, Romany Creams, wafers… anything with a filling has less than it used to- it seems food manufacturers have taken a leaf out of American Airlines book (when they cut one olive from each salad and saved millions) but have taken everything to the ultimate extreme. Even the coke can that South Africans have been used to getting 340ml out of forever and ever is now only 330ml, and this started with the gas shortage in December 2006. Was there an announcement, or a warning, that you’d be paying the same price for less coke? Can you imagine how much money they made off this change?
And EVERYTHING has shrunk whilst the prices go up. Did you know bread was supposed to be a minimum of 800g/ loaf a few years back- and they tested several manufacturers who came up short… now they have to put the weight on the bag and they are usually about 600g now. There are fewer sheets on a toilet roll than there were 15 years ago- but they cost more!
You wanna know the worst part?
We just accept it an carry on…

20 thoughts on “It’s Oreo-Gate!

  1. mmmmmm I do love me some oreos, the original ones though…..

    Interesting research!

    (I eat exactly 8 oreos every day, either for breakfast, lunch or supper) Yummy

  2. tamara: that much io know… but i am still disappointed!

    becauseican: awesome idea!!!

    peong: cool- thanx!

    donn: we are not far behind when it comes to size dude- fast food and drive thru rules!

    nick: if only to keep the shelves empty of further betrayal!

    louisa: i feel the same way about the lindt with pistachios and almond paste!

    ginnygrl: madness i tell you!

  3. Ra ra – big disgrace! Thank you for doing the research on this one! It’s crazy how everything revolves around the exploding gas prices – veggie and fruit prices triple, cereal increases. The insanity!

  4. It’s an absolute disgrace!
    (I’m not someone with a big sweet tooth angel, but if Lindt ever start this shite with their orange dark chocolate there will be war I tell you!)


  5. Wow! It sounds like a conspiracy by Kraft! We must unite and opposition this injustice. (And while we are protesting eat a whole lot of Oreos).


  6. HA!
    Everything is shrinking but US. We should prolly be grateful for smaller portions since we eat about twice the amount that we actually require.

    I don’t know about Sith Ahfrikka but here in Girth America we are the tubbiest lot in HISTORY!
    With that in mind we also know that the accompanying ailments will explode in the coming years and crush our Healthcare infrastructure.

    I love Oreos too..who doesn’t?

  7. I believe goblin is right and an oreo revolution is in the cards!!! Even though I am a straight dunker and not a twist and licker. Um… At least with Oreos…

    If you want to be even more disgusted with corporate shadiness and underhanded advertising and the like then chck out Adbusters. If you can get the magazine – great – but even the website has some great content. There is a link on my blog.

    And yes Miss Angel, I am a facebook freak so hit me up, or send me an email from my blog with your info.

  8. I see you take “cookie” eating very very seriously.

    Remind me to never ever get between you and an oreo…lmfao

    However, I am not a fan of oreo Im afraid.. don’t like Icing.. I prefer Choc Chip.. YUM YUM..

    You want to join me in a chochip survey?

  9. I have a friend who’s a food stylist. The food they photograph is not real – she’s told me stories of Woolies ‘icecream’ made from plaster of Paris and paint and all sorts of gross stuff. That’s why it never looks like it does on the packaging!

  10. goblin: yay me! viva le revolution!

    sweets: oh you are so right… though its usually only the fast food places that have pictures of everything… rotflmao

    phillygirl: oh that’s awesome- thanx for the link! maybe i should send them my oreo test?

    glugster: aaaaawww babe… i’m so sorry! when i said i had help i just meant other people ate them before i could… shall we do it again this weekend?

    bridget: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa… i think i’ll be offended by that, i prefer to be called “eccentric” thank you very much.
    and my family and i have always called them cookies- so blame my upbringing!

    wenchy: ah wenchy… you disappoint me girl… lol!

  11. Jesus you are a nutcase!

    And why the heck are you calling it a cookie! That is so American!

  12. Just for the record, I would like to make it known that I was not invited or involved at all during research. I’m quite dissapointed….


  13. Then you’ll just love this experiment. There are only about 5 of all the products they tested that came out remotely looking like the packaging! It’s a funny little world we live in these days.

  14. hehe goblin that’s funny!

    i agree we just accept it! what really gets me is when i go to a restaurant and the picture of what i order looks SO good and what i get… well if i knew it would look like that i wouldn’t have bothered 🙂

  15. I can’t wait for the day when history books are written and there will be a line saying “And the revolution started with an Oreo cookie”

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