Going Wild!!!

I had the most splenderific weekend bunnies!!
Relaxed, luxurious, beautiful.
Like I said on Friday- my Glugs and I took Damien and my parents to the game farm we have visited twice before.

We were back in “our house” again this time- so no pool table, much to Damien’s disappointment- but marvellous! It is really super luxurious- a massive kitchen and living area, a maid once or twice a day (depending on the day), our own little pool on the deck, four bedrooms each en-suite, our own game drive vehicle… really 5 star! All you take is your own food.
And we saw so much game! We usually do when we go there- but this time we saw stuff we’ve never seen! One of the highlights was a huge black mamba that got a fright when we came round the bend whilst he was sunning himself on the side of the road!
We went on a night drive with big spotlights on the Saturday night- which was when we saw an owl, two bush-babies, lots of kudu and waterbuck. And we saw impala fighting- through a fence no less! The next day a wildebeest cow and her calf were sleeping next to the road right near our house! We did two other game drives on Saturday and Sunday morning, and Neels did all the driving- there and back again AND on the farm! He’s so sweet and considerate… my mom and dad had a wonderful and relaxing time and we took SO many pictures!! For once my dad could just relax and enjoy himself without doing any work.
We had a bit of an adventure too… On the Saturday afternoon we spotted a black-backed jackal (also something I’ve never seen) and then we got stuck in the mud! No amount of pushing or rocking was going to get us out of there! So Glugs phoned the farm’s owner and he sent a vehicle to pull us out and when he arrived he hooked us up to his truck and pulled, with Glugs behind the wheel of our game drive vehicle.
We were sunk to the diff in black, slippery mud!!
So off our liberator went to fetch help and came back with another 4×4.
The Jeep and our first rescuer then tried to pull us out together- with no luck- we were stuck fast!! The Jeep then turned around and winched us out instead. It was so slippery that the jeep was slowly sliding forward whilst he was pulling us out!!! That was a good two hours in the sun… luckily we had packed juice and coke and apples- otherwise it could have been dreadful. Sadly there were no animals where we got stuck- which was strange since it was a place we usually see stacks of animals! But we walked around photographing flowers and butterflies and the scenery.
Did you know aeroplanes leave tracks in the sky!!?!
And the weekend’s weather was fantastic. Not so searingly hot that driving around was torture- but not cold enough to need jerseys or jackets either. We ate the most fabulous food- and way too much of it- and we had a wonderfully relaxing weekend!
And then to end off my weekend- I spilt a huge glass of coke all over my laptop!!! Unbelievably, only my keyboard is a little sticky… but everything is working as it should!
Huge sigh of relief for me this morning!

I have posted stacks of pictures of what we saw and of us getting stuck on my photo blog!

Just look at all we saw:

13 thoughts on “Going Wild!!!

  1. jenty: it was indeed!

    southern sage: tut tut sage- we don’t shoot them in the parks!

    tamara: oh so am i- and the mud was fun!

    sweets: oh you can bet i stayed off the back seat- and my folks took my advice and did the same!

    polgara: thank you!

    the jackson files: oh yes, it is a lot of fun when the kidlets are able to enjoy it too!

    bridget: i am very lucky!

    sometimes saintly nick: it was wonderful!

    preposterous ponderings: hey pp! long time no see!!

    glugster: it was indeed babe!

    lopz: my family never did the caravan or safari thing, we did the holiday with family thing so this is all new to me!

  2. WOW! Makes me long for my younger days touring SA in a caravan. We did Kruger Park the saffa way, and Mana Pools in Zimbabwe before the shit hit the fan…. some of my best memories ever.

  3. Awesome trip you had there!

    Most people will never see that many animals in a lifetime.

    Glad you had a good time!

  4. I have game park envy. I love weekends like this and I can’t wait until Jackson is old enough to get excited about game watching.

  5. weekend sounds great! oh boy i can just imagine the frustration in the mud… 2 hours!?

    did you remember NOT to sit on the back seat of the bakkie? hehe

    so glad you’re laptop is fine… i’m off to check to pics!!!

  6. Sounds like an awesome weekend. Apart from the getting stuck in the maud bit.

    Glad your laptop is still working!

  7. I see how you do me.
    Why I can’t get an invite to go slay one of each of those animals?

    Sounds like fun was had by all!

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