I Love Monaco!

Sunday May 25th was the Monaco F1. But since I attended the BlogGirls luncheon at ‘Nde Bush on Sunday with Sweets, Phillygirl, SweetJane, Jackson Files, Tamara, MsMozi- I only got home in time to catch the last 5 laps or so of the race. Luckily for me, my Glugs recorded it for me!!!
I am so glad I got to see it- I love the Monaco race and this one was in the wet- which I haven’t seen since I can’t remember when. And an added bonus was a Ferrari front row!
The first lap was surprisingly uneventful… when at Monaco it’s usually a fargin disaster- but the rain started coming down just before the green lights so most teams were already on full wet or intermediate tyres- but I honestly have no idea how these guys can see where the hell they’re going!
Watching Hamilton smack his right rear tyre on a barrier on lap 6 gave me some hope for my beloved red fire engines- but Kubica really put in a stonking race in the wet! He stayed right on Massa’s heels from the beginning!!
On lap 8 Coulthard hit the wall and Bourdais barrelled into the back of him just after Alonso did almost the same thing- it looked like he’d damaged his suspension and needed a pit stop to replace his rear tyre- but it was a wheel hub that was damaged and his technical director gave him a thumbs up in the pits.
What was awesome- I must admit- was the growling rumble of the V8 Mercedes safety car… I’m not a Mercedes fan at all but that sound was magic!
Then Raikkonen was given a drive through penalty for not having his tyres fully fitted 3 minutes before the start of the race! Sadly it’s a team fault that Kimi was penalised for- they were probably doing a last minute change from dry to intermediate tyres- but its too risky to have crew and wheel guns and such on the track so soon before the race.
LOTS of front wings needed replacing with this wet race.
Then on lap 15 Massa went wide and Kubica shot past him, taking the lead in Monaco.
Massa then took it back a while later when Kubica developed a bit of a problem.
With all the pit stop drama and bumper bashings and such, Hamilton managed to take the lead from Massa.
Then on lap 35, rain was predicted again- with the racing line drying out at last and a lot of cars heading for full dry tyres after the rain had held off for a while.
Poor Nelson Piquet had a really shirty weekend overall- and then his race ended almost painstakingly slowly when he went off the track after losing his back end.
Nico Rosberg had a huge shunt on lap 61 near the swimming pool- he went slightly wide, hitting the greasy side of the track and then had a double impact, first on the right hand side and then on the left on the other side of the track… and covering the track with debris and bringing out the safety car again. With a lot of the drivers on dry tyres with a still wet track this was bound to happen.
Then poor Kimi had a bit of a wiggle coming down a hill- and Sutil in front of him was just losing his back end when Kimi rear-ended him, forcing Sutil into retirement when he’d been having a spectacular race, and allowing Kimi to continue to the finish by just replacing his nose-cone. And when he went in to have it replaced his race was then changed to a one-stop race when they fuelled him to the finish.
So with all the rain and safety cars, the race ended a couple of laps short of the planned 78 but within the two hour time limit…
Hamilton won- a dream come true for him, with Kubica in second and Massa in third.

7 thoughts on “I Love Monaco!

  1. y.d.g.: mwaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaa… i’m picturing rivals like hamilton and alonso on the track with car mountred machine guns!

  2. i just don’t get car races…babs and so many of my friends are into nascar and i just dont get it..still think it would be more interesting to watch if they gave them guns…
    enjoying my days off…

  3. nosjunkie: sutil really had rotten luck!

    tamara: hamilton is good- yes- but i would so have preferred a red podium!

    msmozi: it was nice to meet you too! lol- i didn’t take too many- so i doubt there’s reason to panic!

    the jackson files: aaaw thats so sweet of you to say! it was super cool to meet you too!!

  4. It was so cool to meet you yesterday. You and sweets are like my single-mom-of-great-boys blog heroes so sorry if I was a bit shy and awkward. I’m looking forward to being a bit more relaxed next time.

  5. Was great to meet you yesterday Angel – and I’m scared to see the pics!

  6. Woohooo! Go Hamilton, my man (ehm, boy?)!

    Poor Sutil though – that really sucked eggs.

    Was awesome meeting you, Angel. You’re even better in real life 😉

  7. AAAAAH Angel the race was great we made abig thing of it. My boy seems to be back and that was great for me but I felt so sorry for Sutil and I cried with him after he had to retire

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