Now I Need A Weekend To Recover From My Weekend…

Scrapping, a birthday, an anniversary, a blackjack night, a parenting milestone, power failures and eating out.
So last Thursday I did some scrapbooking with my mommy darling… but I wasn’t feeling 100% myself so I did one very basic page before going home. I am STILL working on Damien’s album where my mom has completed a few albums already!
Then I spent Friday in a miserable funk of sneezing and headaches and trying to work around them. I looked like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer by the time I got to Glugs’ house on Friday night. I think I managed half an episode of Stargate SG-1 before I passed out!
On Saturday morning we slept kinda late, but Glugs’ maid comes on Saturdays so we had to get out of bed to allow her to do her job. I was feeling SO much better on Saturday, especially after I got a refill on my hay-fever meds (I love Zyrtec)… its bloody ridiculous that I can’t go without them for more than a couple of days!
Saturday evening we went to mommy and daddy darling’s place to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary (which was yeterday, June 2nd)!!! We played blackjack with the whole famdamily- all of us playing with chips that my daddy darling and my sister C’s significant other have collected. Even the grandsons had a go! My daddy darling, sister C’s other half, sister C and my Glugs took turns playing at being the banker slash croupier and I reckon my Glugs was the most successful of the four of them, managing to claim back all our winnings! For supper, mommy darling had organised an old “pay day treat” from when we were kids. When we were younger and all lived at home, every other month when my folks did grocery shopping, they’d come home with stacks of cold meat slices (lunch meat, I believe?), cheese, bread or rolls, piccalilli, tomatoes, pickled gherkins and onions, tomato sauce, mustard, chutney, mayo… and then we’d all sit around the dining room table and make Dagwood-type sandwiches! We did something similar to this family “tradition” on Saturday night. I gave my folks a couple of enlarged photographs that I have taken of them over the years, and we gave my folks a pair of coffee mugs with their photos on and “1973 to 2008” on the side. We had great fun!
Then at midnight, we wished my little sister C a happy 28th birthday- which was on Sunday June 1st! My Glugs, Damien, da bruvva and I gave her a coffee mug with an especially custom designed “3” on the side to celebrate her 3rd year of sobriety- an anniversary that happens to coincide with her birthday!!!
So after all this, on Sunday we were just going to take things easy. Watch a couple of movies. Eat snacky things. Nothing hectic.

mommy & daddy darling with the mugs
the supper mommy darling planned
happy “jade” anniversary M&D Darling
the most successful banker of the evening
Then at about 2:30pm, the knucklehead’s nose started bleeding. Now, he’s battled with nosebleeds for several years (pretty much all his life), especially in summer, and usually- blowing his nose hard and pinching his nose just below the bridge is enough to stop the bleed. Not this time.
An hour later the guest toilet looked like a warzone so my Glugs took the three of us off to a clinic near his place. As soon as we walked in a male nurse came up and took Damien- who was almost covered in blood and hunched over with tissues held to his face- straight to the back whilst I filled in forms. Then the doctor on duty put Damien on a drip with some anti-haemorrhagic meds and then stuck what looked like a flat tampon up his right nostril. That hurt! It went a long way up, and my Glugs could see Damien’s toes curling from the reception desk! The same doc then recommended Damien see an ENT and arranged for him to be admitted in a nearby hospital.
This is the parenting milestone bunnies! My darling Damien has never spent the night in hospital! We’ve been for stitches and X-rays and stomach pumps and such, but he’s never been sick enough to be admitted. This time, the doc said it warranted it. So off we went with letters for the admissions desk and the ward sister.
Damien was taken to a two bed room (it’s a nice private clinic) that already had a 16 year old occupant- who we later learned had been there for weeks, was from Swaziland, had no friends or family nearby and will only be going home next Tuesday God willing- and hooked up to another drip with some more of the same meds. They wouldn’t take the plug out of Damien’s nose as he was still bleeding and they didn’t want to start it gushing again like before. Then they drew blood to do tests (also a first for Damien I think) and my Glugs and I went off home to get him some clean clothes and toothbrush and so on. As we arrived at home- the power went out! Marvellous! Packing in the dark… and when we got back he’d had some supper and was pretty chipper as he wasn’t in pain or anything. We sat and waited for the ENT and the blood test results, only to find out the ENT wasn’t coming that night and the nurses are not allowed to interpret test results! By then Glugs and I were starving so we left the knucklehead at about 9pm and headed home. Still no power- so we took off for a nearby shopping centre hoping for a meal, and found they had a generator! YAY!!! I had lasagne and my Glugs had a steak, and whilst we were there the electricity came back on.
I spent pretty much all of Monday morning at the hospital waiting for the ENT.
I really didn’t like him much. He made it seem like he was doing me one helluva favour by coming out to see Damien. I hate when doctors behave like that.
Anyhoodle, he got his examination kit sorted out and then discovered that Damien had 4 or 5 ruptured veins in his right nostril. He then proceeded to cauterise then with silver nitrate- which literally burns… and in sticking the sticks down Damien’s throat he made him gag and Damien threw up all over him! I tried not to giggle and pat Damien on the back and say “good job”…
So now the knucklehead is home, and sore. His nose is very tender inside and it leaks all the time (which is normal). Unfortunately he can’t stay off longer than a couple of days as he starts exams on Wednesday!
My poor baby!
Damien with a drip and a plug up his nose!

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  1. wenchy: omg!!! you’re not on my roll!!?!?! my sincerest apologies wenchy- i didn’t realise!!!!

  2. sage: dude- if you were closer we could so make a plan with a blogger blackjack night!

  3. sweets: lol, we bought the fritos for the movie we were going to watch!

    louisa & sleepyjane: 😀

    the jackson files: he’s a bit better… still sore but better.

    tamara: i hope the doc learned a lesson too the jerk!

    charmskool: heh heh… i believe the ent also had a tweed jacket on!!!

    jenty: he better, he has something to prove after the first term!

    meherenow: lol… and i did do my tag girl (!

  4. I’m so glad to hear you had a nice,quiet relaxing weekend with nothing much to report!!

    And here’s me thinking you’ve forgotten about us!

    (You still haven’t done your TAG – BTW!)

  5. Hectic! I hate doctors that think they’re gods gift!!
    Hope Damien does well in his exam!

  6. Wow one of those weekends with everything in it. Drama, celebration, blood, drugs, (anti-histamines also count!). Bravo D for throwing up on the doc. I did that to my maxillo surgeon – a bit unfair as the man was quite sweet and only slightly arrogant – but his tweed jacket never did look the same again I’m told.

  7. Oh wow. What a busy weekend! And go Damien! 🙂 Some Dr’s can be such obnoxious a – holes. Grrr!

  8. Shame, man. Poor D! Hope he feels better soon. And that the doc learned his lesson.

  9. My oh my, what an eventful weekend!

    I LOVE that Damien threw up on the snotty doctor – gave me a real good giggle. And I hope that he’s feeling better by now.

  10. go Damien for barfing on the stupid doctor!!! hehe
    fritos and a drip… what a lovely combo 🙂

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