A “Matric Dance” Meme…

Louisa did a post with pictures of her matric dance, followed by a music video from the year she was born… it looked like fun, and since the year I was born has the most awesome music AND since there’s a fun story around my “matric dance” I thought I’d do it too!
My “matric dance” was a surprise party!
Does that make sense?
Lemme explain.
I fell pregnant with Damien about halfway through grade 11 (standard 9 for us old fogies) and way back then- you were not allowed to attend school if you were pregnant. So we kept it as quiet as possible and the school only found out much later- like October J… so I was allowed to go back and finish my final exams for grade 11, but I was not allowed to return to that particular high school after my baby was born. I could attend another high school if I liked. And I was not allowed to write my exams with my fellow pupils as pregnancy is contagious dontchaknow.
The following year I started doing my matric through correspondence. It was bloody DREADful. I have never had much self discipline, and lounging around at home was not exactly punishment for me!
And after Damien was born, my “studying” took an even more severe backseat… and when I started working full time it was shelved a bit more, so I spread my matric over two years. I got me a matric certificate… but it’s a severely shitty one and I’d rather hide it away and pretend it never happened. But when I told my darling friends and famdamily I had completed a matric certificate- they started some conspirational machinations behind my back.
I am a total sucker for a surprise so I never noticed anything!
A friend of mine- my first boyfriend from when we were in grade 3 in fact (I’ll call him “A”)- then asked me if I would attend his company year end function with him, telling me it was a black-tie do in Fourways, so I got very excited and started planning some shopping sprees for outfits and such. I bought a stunning black one piece pants suit with spaghetti straps and pearl accents, gawjiss earrings, stockings, new shoes, and a strapless bra! I was skinner than I had ever been in my life and I was so chuffed with my sexy outfit. I still have the pants suit… but I’ve never been able to wear it again… L
On the night of A’s function, my mom organised a dinner party with some old friends of hers, and whilst I was getting dolled up and titivating in anticipation of A’s arrival, my mommy darling was laying a beautiful dinner table and making lasagne and salads and puddings and all sorts of things.
This was me- clueless.
When A arrived, looking very dashing in his bowtie, we said goodbye and we left, everyone telling me to enjoy my evening and A to drive safely and so on and so forth. Then A told me, as we left my folk’s house, that friends who worked with him didn’t know where the venue was and would be meeting us at his house and would it be a problem if we went back there to wait for them as they were running a tad late? I agreed, of course, no problemo, and we went back to his house. Once there we made small talk and such, A took off his bowtie and I think we had a drink while we waited. And then the phone rang. A said it was his colleague-friend, lost… and apparently very conveniently near my folks place. A calls over his shoulder to ask me what street my folks live in, then tells the person on the phone that they should wait there for us and we’ll come and pick them up.
And me- still clueless.
Off we go again to my folks place to meet up with the lost colleague-friend. As we turn into my folk’s street, I see there are no cars outside the house and I wonder what happened to my mommy darling’s dinner guests! As we stop outside the gate, A is hurriedly trying to put his bowtie on again and I wonder why he’s even fussed about it as we still have a long way to go and he can put it back on later.
We stroll into the house and in the living room are all my friends and their partners- all dressed to the nines in formal eveningwear! Only when they handed me a glass of wine and started singing “That’s What Friends Are For” did I realise what was potting!
I am soooo slow, bunnies!
My parents were our servers for the evening and we had a fabulous lasagne dinner and baked pudding!
Unfortunately, we’d all been gallivanting the night before so the party didn’t last long… but I felt so awesomely special! Sister B had been the mastermind and they had spent weeks organising everything and getting snazzy clothes and so on!
It was wonderful!
Here’s me, at my skinniest ever! All of 55kg!!! And for some reason I thought I looked good with a serious face… oh, and I didn’t feel like hooking up my scanner so these are pictures of pictures from my photo album.

And I know Louisa included a music video from the year she was born- but I decided to go with one from the year I had my matric farewell, and still one of my favourite songs.

Feel free to reminisce about yours if you feel up to it…

11 thoughts on “A “Matric Dance” Meme…

  1. You are a lucky lady to have such a special family, Angel!

    And no, I am NOT posting pics of my matric dance. Severe case of “What was I thinking?”

  2. sweets: 55 indeed… i was 18 and walking 4km to work every day!

    gin: teehee… TY!

  3. haha that’s so cool! you were so serious… mwhahahahahahaha… 55 kg?!!!!

  4. meherenow: ;P
    it is indeed like a prom, its a very snazzy ball thrown for the grade 12’s by the grade 11’s every year- they raise funds all year long for it. only the grade 12’s and their dates may attend… and parents sometimes have a cheese and wine type thing beforehand with the teachers to say goodbye and thanx and check out the outfits, which often cost a fortune!

    louisa: they did, and i do too! thanx for the awesome post idea!!!

    m.i.: wow- and thank you!!!

    e.c.: 😀

    e.m.c.t.: cool! can’t wait to see yours!

  5. ahaha…

    you’re so cute in your frock!

    i think i’m gonna do this too….try dredge up some photos from my matric dance….

    good idea!

  6. I am glad Me Here Now asked the question that was also on my mind! So much to learn!

  7. P.S. Present for you over at my blog to pick up. So hurry over and grab it before someone steals it.
    I cannot leave things out laying around long, they always vanish! Damn kids.

  8. How lovely! You must have been very blessed. No one in my family would have ever gone to that much trouble for me, especially to surprise me!

    You looked lovely in that pant suit number, you were adorable. I’ll have to post a few old pictures I found soon. I only have a few, my family stole my pictures and I figure i’ll get them back when they die one day. But I have funny photos of me from a photo shoot and should write about what was going on in my life back then. My friends more than made up for where my family lacked, they still do.

    Like you, I would have been clueless. Congrats on that and for doing your best despite having a baby to care for at a young age. Some gals can beat the odds! You go girl and keep showing them every day!!!

    Beautiful lady you are, inside and out. It shows when you write and share.

    Thanks again for the award. I always am humbled when someone thinks enough to do that….trying to tell myself it’s ok to get those things. So thank you, thank you very much. 🙂

  9. Aaaaw, angel…that is so sweet. Looks like your friends and family went to a hell of a lot of trouble to surprise you and to make the evening special.


    I love that! 🙂

  10. Pardon me for being thick but a “matric dance” is a what exactly? A “prom” type thing right??

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