Lots To Get Excited About!

First up, we leave this afternoon after work to head for the Durbs by the sea. We’ve got a lot planned for whilst we’re there as well as whilst en-route, including playing catch up with friends and family! Wish us luck- its comrades weekend too so we’re anticipating a very busy highway… and maybe snow on the mountain passes too! Very exciting!!!

My darling Damien tested clean bunnies! I am so very pleased that he has stuck to our agreement. And last Saturday at a friend of mine’s birthday party he was offered alcohol a couple of times- and promised I would not be told- and he refused! Everyone was very impressed!

Then, there’s a new sign up in my client’s ladies loo that has me wondering about a very sad state of affairs as well as making me giggle every time I see it!

And today is Wenchy’s birthday! She’s a very quotable chick, a wonderful mom and like me is very happily in love! Pop round and say happily happily!

And I’ve seen the Dikkop’s that live in the wetlands next to my client’s offices! They’re gawjiss and mostly nocturnal birds so seeing them in the daytime AND up close is very cool!

9 thoughts on “Lots To Get Excited About!

  1. I love the loo signs. We have a “no loitering on these premises” from a laundromat right above our throne.

    What’s scary is when they clearly define all the things you shouldn’t flush and put in right on the reading level of when you’re in a stall. You have to remind yourself that the sign is up because SOMEONE did SOMETHING very, very bad and was caught.

  2. charmskool: eeeeuuwwwww!!!

    sweets: i was relieved too- and no fear with the photos!

    wenchy: MWA

    the jackson files: its simply awesome!

    becauseican: oh i just know you love the varlee influx! i would LOVE to bump into you!!!

    supermom: ta!!

    mel: mwaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaa

  3. Well done Damien on not being a dik kop, sorry for mom that her kop is spotty. Have an awesome time in Durbs, catch a wave for me dude!

  4. Enjoy the time away!!! And of course, it’s AWESOME that Damien is making you so proud

  5. The weather is fabulous…

    We look forward to the influx of vaarlies …

    Most of the shopkeepers are working hard busy doubling all the prices on sunscreen and stuff anticipating a great weekend!! hahahahahahaah

    Maybe We will bump into each other 😉


  6. Enjoy your weekend away, apparently the weather is beautiful down in KZN.

  7. cool pics! remember to take millions of photos over the weekend! ENJOY!!!

    btw: it’s GREAT news about D, I can’t tell you how relieved I am, for your sake 😉

  8. Enjoy the exciting weekend. Thanks for the lovely pics of the bird and as for the loo sign – we could certainly use them in our company. A division of our company that used to be on a different floor in our building moved in with us and to a woman seem to be non-flushers – eeeewww!

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