Ooh Ooh! Before I Forget!

Damien’s girlfriend- AKA Flower- is very well liked by practically everyone at the school!

It was so cool to find this out; it just gives me a wee bit more hope for the knucklehead.

What happened was we had a PTA meeting a couple of weeks ago, and the chairperson and I were talking about our kidlets- who are both in grade 10- and trying to work out whose is whose.

I took out my phone and showed her a picture of Damien but she didn’t recognise him. She didn’t have a picture of her daughter… and whilst we were chatting I mentioned Flower, and she said she knew who that was- her daughter had mentioned her and liked her a lot. Then the principal, who also attends the PTA meeting on behalf of the school governing body, pipes up and says yes- he likes her too. She’s a good student and she’s been a good influence on Damien too. She loathes smoking so when Damien’s with her he doesn’t smoke and Damien seems generally to be in a better mood around her!

Is that not so cool?

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7 Responses to Ooh Ooh! Before I Forget!

  1. ginnygrl says:

    Very cool!

  2. supermom says:

    That is SO awesome. That is really wonderful news.

  3. angel says:

    m.i.: ooh so true!!!

  4. Malicious Intent says:

    Behind every great man is an even better woman!

  5. angel says:

    cami: innit!?

    katy katy katy: ooh a pool party!!!

  6. Dino aka Katy says:

    awww that’s so great. Well I better get to work Grumpy’s birthday was yesterday and we are having a cookout/pool party today

  7. CamiKaos says:

    that’s so wonderful!