Road Trip To Durbs…

Yay me! I remembered a way I could share the weekend’s photos with you all!!! This is just the first one…

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8 Responses to Road Trip To Durbs…

  1. angel says:

    cheffie-mom: and there are more coming…!

  2. Cheffie-Mom says:

    Wow, what a cool way to display pictures! Isn’t fun looking at pictures from places we have traveled? Can’t wait to see more!

  3. angel says:

    faerie: ๐Ÿ˜€

    sweets: haha, they’re coming tjomma!

    m.i.: oooh 6 cds!!!

    msmozi: glad you like it! there’s a link to online toys in my sidebar…

  4. Lopz says:

    Oh how cool – I’m totally doing this next timw I send pics home!

  5. MsMozi says:

    How are you making these cool mosaic and slide things – I’m so impressed!!!

  6. Malicious Intent says:

    Lovely photos. I just got back like 6 cd’s from my photogs from the golf outing. OUCH. That is going to take forever to put a slide show together.
    Glad you had fun!!!

  7. sweets says:

    you said you took 400 pics… where’s the rest? ;)~

  8. Faerie says:

    Wow… Thanks for traveling and taking me along. =)