Oooer… Tagged Again!

So, Tamara did this one, and she very thoughtfully (NOT… LOL) nominated me to do it too. I figured I’d do my five best first, and then my five worst feelings, thinking it would be easier… but lemme tell you bunnies, it was surprisingly difficult to complete this here list!My five best feelings
😀 I reckon the top one on my list must be when the knucklehead brings home a school report on which he passed everything!
😀 Hearing my sweetheart and my son converse and laugh together when I’m within earshot but “not around”, and hearing my son call my Glugs to look at or listen to something.
😀 When my phone rings or I get a text message notification and I hear my Glugs’ ringtone. It makes me smile every time!
😀 Getting a particularly difficult piece of code to work like it should AND like I want it to. Whether it takes me a week or five minutes it’s an awesome sense of personal achievement!
😀 Walking out of my annual performance appraisal with positive feedback from all my bosses- especially on my integrity and diligence over and above my actual job performance!My five four worst feelings
🙁 Not knowing where my son is… like when he doesn’t answer his phone- especially when he’s on holiday! This feeling was aggravated a hundred fold forever and ever when he wouldn’t answer his phone the morning he was arrested- and only someone we knew inadvertently seeing him accosted by the security guards was able to give me a hint of where he was!
🙁 When my phone rings and my caller ID says it’s the school, or the principal, or one of the teachers. No matter how well the last couple of years have gone at his high school, I cannot shake the sense of dread I experience when the school phones me! I always think the worst first…
🙁 Feeling that I have let my parents down… like when they found out I was pregnant at 16.
🙁 Worrying that I have not dine “enough” for my knucklehead… be it education, life lessons, anything and everything!

I’m not going to tag anyone… so feel free to wrack your brain if you’d like to!

7 thoughts on “Oooer… Tagged Again!

  1. david santos: hi! thank you for visiting and commenting!

    becauseican: i will never admit it!

    and yes he has indeed…

    sweets: it took me ages!

    tamara: ta ;P

  2. Just be honest, man!

    YOU LOOOOOOOVE being tagged!!



    P.S. Damien has given you some grey hairs!

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