Yay Me

My Glugster’s mommy darling told him she likes me!!!
That is so cool to know… my Glugs’ scores brownie points with my famdamily all the time so I am REAL glad his parentals like me too…

8 thoughts on “Yay Me

  1. So important that!!! Yay (not that there was any reason they could not like you!)

  2. allan: πŸ˜€
    its one of the many my dad has made up that has become part of our vocabulary!

  3. cool tjomma!!!
    did you ever doubt that they wouldn’t like you??? not possible πŸ™‚

  4. Yay for you!
    I know my FIL loves me but am never sure about MIL.
    Makes life so much easier when everyone gets along :0)
    Pol x

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