Fancy Yourself A Fiction Writer?

Jason Evans is a blogger I’ve read for a while, and not only is he a fantastic writer, but also takes it on him self to challenge and inspire other writers!
He is hosting his 9th fiction writing competition that uses a picture as inspiration! I just love the different interpretations people have of the picture each time!

The big news is that the Running Wind contest is up and running and closes at 11pm next Wednesday eastern time USA (which makes it about 6am Thursday down here in Sowff Effrikuh ;-P).

I have entered three of Jason’s competitions but I have yet to master the 250 word complete story concept… and here’s a link to how the judging works too. You can find links to my stories here if you’d like to read them- they’re the ones titled “No More”, “Rothar” and “Non Profit”.

4 thoughts on “Fancy Yourself A Fiction Writer?

  1. wenchy: but you do a mean self portrait!!!

    marcelle: aw THANX!! and welcome- i love new visitors who comment!!!

    ginnygrl: i ALWAYS battle to stick to 250…

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