Damien Has Been A Superstar!!!

Wow… he has been truly amazing over these school holidays! He spent most of it at home as he has yet to find himself a holiday slash weekend job, and he spent some of it at Glugs’ place playing PS2 on the bigscreen. Last week especially he SO impressed me with his wonderful behaviour and grownup-ness!

He tidied the living room- including taking the cushions off the couches and cleaning underneath them.

He did washing (laundry) every single day- including the living room curtains.

He tidied most of his bedroom and sorted through all his clothing- separating stuff he’s outgrown from stuff he can still wear.

He took it upon himself to empty out the passage cupboard- which consisted mainly of linen and salad bowls and such into a good sturdy box ready to go to my Glugs’ house!

And on Friday, he packed up all our furry master’s stuff- their fountain, scratch post, cookie tin, food bucket, kitty litter, toys and all… ready to move to Glugs’ place with them so they’ll have all their own stuff.

Wow… and “WOW” again.

He goes back to school today- so I expect things will return to “normal” at home… but I was very impressed!

15 thoughts on “Damien Has Been A Superstar!!!

  1. wenchy: i do too! it was last saturday and he was actually playing silly-buggers, but it came out so cool!

    donnnnn: thats one of the reasons i love blogging so much! i can expand my mental scrapbook almost infinitely!

  2. What a great photo!
    Well you know these things do happen from time to time and you need to celebrate. Whatever his motivation was, you still need to make a fuss because that’s what he needs..and hey, what if this turned into a habit?

    What a handsome young happy fellow I see before me. Make sure you have this page in your mental scrapbook…
    one can never have too many of these pages…ever.

  3. That is a great pic.

    And I am well impressed, I don’t think I would have tidied a thing when I was Damien’s age. So yeah, go Damien!

  4. sleepyjane: YEAH!

    sweets: hell i hope so… ;P

    polgara: i like it too!

    glugster: MWA

    august moon (aka m.i.): oh he got a prize- i gave him the black livingroom curtains he washed to hang in his new bedroom!

    meherenow: oh i’ve had my share of damien babes already!

    goblin: 😀

  5. He is definitely growing up! That photo is less cute boy and much more handsome young man I say!!

    Didn’t I tell you all your hard work would show in him sooner or later?! Didn’t I!!!!!

    P.S. Knowing his Mum is happy does wonders too you know!!

  6. Wow! Does he do windows too?
    Give that boy a prize!

    He is also one handsome young man. Get ready, the ladies are coming and your hair is going! lol 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by, be sure to visit my new friend and show him some love too. He is super fun. But he is not a computer guy so that is why I am going to maintain his site. He will email me stuff and I put it up and make it pretty. His wife is finally in town and after they get to spend some time together I’ll get to work with her and get a better handle on his site. His colors are unreal!

  7. that is really great!!… dare i say he’s growing up?! LOL… that is such a cool pic of him 🙂

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