Boots… Boots… Glorious Boots!

Sweets mentioned boots in this post and how she doesn’t really wear them… Me? I can’t have enough boots! I love them! ESPECIALLY in winter!!!

I have a knee-length, camel-coloured suede, low heeled pair.
Chocolate brown zip-up short boots.
Black leather chunky-heeled short boots.
9-up Doc Martins in brown suede.
A black lace-up pointy heels that come to mid calf.
Camel-coloured sorta crumpled suede that come to mid-calf.
A black leather mid-calf lace ups with three buckles at the top.

AND I want a pair of each of these…

On another note… I stopped taking my happy pills a while ago and now I know all about it! Not because I decided I didn’t need them or anything- I know I can’t go without them- but simply because it’s been too much of a schlepp to go to the doctor for a prescription refill. Now of course I am wishing I had… No one is safe around me right now and its taking every ounce of self control not to go barrelling after and into every wanker on the highway… The slightest little thing sends me into a blinding rage, its ridiculous! My colleagues are seeing a side of me that I prefer they didn’t!
I MUST get my refill and start taking them again before I piss everyone around me off totally!

17 thoughts on “Boots… Boots… Glorious Boots!

  1. I only own six pairs of shoes (three of them are boots though).

    Go get your medication girl!

  2. I imagine a girl could have some pretty good fun in those there thigh high boots! :o)

  3. glugster: and you would know wouldn’t you

    wenchy: oh lordy i hate when that happens…

    tamara: not if i get them first! šŸ˜€

    the jackson files: ahem… this is me!!?!

    donnnnn: “reboot” LOL!
    i know i know…

    m@: not really foul m@, just colder than summer. we don’t get snow or anything… at least not where i live!

    neen: i LURV my docs! i practically live in them in winter…

  4. Yip – been there: the schlepp of going to the doc versus the minor problem of potentially killing the entire family. What to do? I say phone the doc and ask for a faxed prescription.
    LOVE some of those boots. I’m a Doc Martins kinda gal. I know: very 80s retro, but who cares.

  5. I see…so computers aren’t the only things that you need to constantly REBOOT!

    Angel my Dear, why not just go get some happy pills before you reduce the world to cinders..
    I know that it would ‘be awesome’ at the time and seem like a great idea..
    but you might regret it the next morning..
    if there is a morning after?

    Put a cap on the volcano and fuggetaboutit.

  6. Man, you’ve got to be one confident woman to wear those thigh-high boots.

  7. I am not much of a shoe person… sorry!

    |Btw, major PMS for me the past couple days, hopefully I will be ‘normal’ again soon.

  8. sleepyjane & arkwife: i knew SOMEone out there would like them… šŸ˜€

    sweets & arkwife: a faxed script is groovy- but dischem insists on original if you want them to repeat it, and the doctors will no longer simply re-issue a repeat script without another visit to make sure you really need it! fuckers are depleting my medical “aid” BIG time!

  9. I luuuuurrrrrvvveeee those thigh-length boots. Their beautiful!!

    And I agree with Sweets…get a script faxed to you. It will save time and lives alike šŸ™‚

  10. jip you’re taking booting to a whole new level ;)~
    PHONE your doc tjomma, let him fax you a script… the survival of humankind depends on it šŸ™‚

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