The “Running Wind” Competition Is Closed

But the reader’s choice voting is open. Only those who made a submission can vote- but I thought I’d list my top 10 here, in no particular order of course. Of the 64 submissions- these 10 were awesome to me!
This was the picture Jason gave us for inspiration, and every time one of his competitions end I am simply astounded by all the variations on ideas that come from the picture!



And Miles To Go Before She Sleeps

Squamata’s Rumble: Certain Results of Biker Attitude

Ar’n Man

Letting Go

The Last Mile

Cold Coffee

Mystery Hill

Goodnight, Ladies

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2 Responses to The “Running Wind” Competition Is Closed

  1. angel says:

    polgara: i still dunno which one was yours!
    mail me and tell me pleeez…?

  2. Polgara says:

    Aw you said my story was bautiful!
    Thanks honey!
    Pol x