A Caption “Competition”

I haven’t done one of these in a loooong time!
What happens is Damien draws a cartoon for me- with no caption- and then you guys submit caption ideas for the picture!
I give the list of captions to Damien (without names on them) and he picks a “winner”.
The winner then gets to post the picture- with its caption- on their blog!
So no, no prizes as such… all in fun!


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20 Responses to A Caption “Competition”

  1. leez says:

    Aaarrgh!! Britney!! Toxic!! You have no idea!! Thats the last time I borrow mom my iPod!!

  2. angel says:

    all bunnies: WOW!!! oh my goodness this is just spectacularly awesome! damien’s toons have never had so many entries!!!

  3. Marcelle says:

    Hey thanks for visiting my blog and commenting…

    YIP…my friends who were visiting from UK have no idea how the Germans recycle so put pampers in the wrong bin…now we suffer as our bin is over flowing and will not be emptied till 3 weeks time..

    I see something in my pregnancy counter ~ a baby?? dont you?? My eldest daughter is pregnant its for me to follow her pregnancy as she lives in CT and me in Germany…
    Let me know if you see the counter please.
    Off to walk in the forest now…#
    Need to drop weight, looking like little lotter at the moment 🙂

  4. Cormac Brown says:

    “I hate it when Mum gets ahold of my iPod! She somehow manages to upload Celine Dion, even though I delete it everytime and she always leaves the volume on ten!”

  5. ginnygrl says:

    “All Wiiirrrred UP”

  6. Southern Sage says:

    Listening to Obama podcast?

  7. Malicious Intent says:

    Little Jimmy after a 24 hour Korn marathon. Despite 4 seizures and biting his dogs tail off; he hung in there to win the $25 gift certificate to Bubba’s fried chicken stand.

    Go Jimmy, Go.

  8. supermom says:

    “What!!??? 80’s music!!???”

  9. Dyna Girl says:

    New Band: Scissors in the Socket. It’s all the rage.

  10. Sometimes Saintly Nick says:

    “How did a waltz get on this thing?!?”

  11. Donnnnn says:

    “Hey Damien I uploaded the Bee Gees Greatest hits on your ipod”


  12. Eternally Curious says:

    OK. Who’s the wise guy that crossed the wires in my iPod and made it give me an electric shock?

  13. MeHereNow says:

    “this isn’t music this is just noise …… now in my day that was REAL music!”

  14. Charmskool says:

    AAARRGGHHH I took my mother’s iPod by mistake!!

  15. Mel says:

    Too Loud? Whadda you mean too loud?

  16. sleepyjane says:

    “Because it’s always better LOUD…?”

  17. Faerie says:

    So, on the warning label for the iPod, extreme loudness can blow your mind… I didnt think to take it literally.

  18. c@th says:

    Moooommmm iii tooolllddd yoooouuu i haattteee ellltooonnn joohhhnnn

  19. Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills says:

    ” i love listening to this kill-your-mother-mug-your-granny-drown-your-goldfish music…”

  20. Ydnic says:

    “TTTthhheeee muussiicc issss loudddd yesss buttttt myyyyy motttheerr tooolddd meeeee ttttoooo geettt innn touchhhhh withhhh mmmyyyy innnerrr seeellllffff”