Ooh I Wanna Be Rocking The Daisies Like…

I got tagged by EXMI AND Louisa for the same thing… so I better get my arse in gear!! The tag is to blog about the Rocking The Daisies Competition which has some really awesome prizes up for grabs INLCUDING tickets to the concert and iPods!!
Here’s how it works:

1. Blog about the competition, telling us all what you would take with you to the concert.
2. Link to RTD Competition and Digicape (the sponsors)
3. Tag your friends in the post. In other words, just link to their website to encourage them to come over and look at your website.
4. Register here, tag your name and my name (angel) and copy your blog post onto their website.

So- to comply with the tag rules, here’s my list.
I would take with me my Glugster- ‘coz I don’t think I could attend a concert without him.
I would take my darling Damien (a.k.a. the Knucklehead)- so he can attend his first concert under my supervision (snigger).
I would take cooler boxes full of ice, coca cola, and black label
Sunscreen- I never go anywhere in the sun so I would REALLY need it.
My camera, of course, because this event would be chock full of phot opportunities!
My asthma inhaler, ‘coz with all the dancing and singing and festival shagging I may just need it.

And I tag… erm… crap! Who hasn’t been tagged!!?! Buggrit… here goes: My Glugster, Sweets, Tamara, Doula Mel, Neen, MsMozi, PhillyGirl, Ruby, Ydnic, Wenchy, Supermom, Hotsteppa and Katt!

5 thoughts on “Ooh I Wanna Be Rocking The Daisies Like…

  1. sweets: you didn’t think i’d not ask you did you!??!

    glugster: the fates have it in for you babe!

  2. Ag no. This is now the 3’rd tag for this meme. Guess I have no choice but to do it now.

  3. you can’t tag me tjomma cause you didn’t ask me to go with you in the first place?! *gasp*


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