And The Winner Is…

As promised, I gave Damien a numbered list of all the entries- all 17 of them, HUGE ego boost for the knucklehead thank you allbunnies– without him knowing who’s was whose, and he pored over and giggled hysterically at it for a couple of days! Then he circled his favourites narrowing the list to his top 7, and then read them all again and again, crossing them off his list as he did so.

And his final decision?

Pat (a.k.a. Eternally Curious) submitted the winning caption and this is what it looks like now!

Congrats my friend! I’ll be mailing it to you!

5 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…

  1. Rats!!! I missed a damien drawing caption contest. I’ve been slacking and now I’ve paid for it.

  2. I dunno… it is an awfully tricky caption, but then I profess myself to be an amateur editor.
    ` When in doubt, be creative! Here’s my top two:

    “I don’t remember my headphones having a ‘shock’ setting….”


    “Mac’s secret weapon; the new iPod Taser.”

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