Ugly-Ass cars

There are a lot of cars that to me are just plain ugly. And unfortunately a lot of new models are getting uglier and lumpier instead of sleeker. It’s like the designers’ve been watching too much 60’s sci-fi in which futuristic cars are bubble shaped and people wear mustard coloured cat-suits and victorian collars.


The other day I saw a car on the highway that was simply jaw droppingly ugly- and this sighting resulted in a phone call to da Bruvva to express my disbelief to someone who might grasp the depth of hideous that these particular creators had sunk to.

Needless to say I have a long list of cars that I think are ugly-ass revolting and should be discontinued and scrapped… but there are a few general things that I don’t like either. Like a red Mercedes. And no- I dunno what it is it just looks wrong. And NO car on this planet besides a VW Beetle is allowed to be pink. Ever.

So here bunnies- are my top 5 ugliest cars currently to be seen on Sowff Effrikuh’s roads. And if you have one of these, I demand you get rid of it immediately and buy something decent. Like an Alfa Romeo GT or 159.

#5 The Porsche Cayenne

repulsive unsightly dreadful horrible

#4 The Fiat Uno

no excuses- even though the newer ones are slightly cuter

#3 The Fiat Multipla

need I say more? Please tell me I don’t have to explain…

#2 The BMW X8

this was the one I saw on the highway… I still can’t believe it… had I been closer and not on the highway, I woulda photographed it!

#1 The Volvo C30

truly the ugliest thing on the road… and I’m ashamed to admit it was designed by women. The fist time I saw one I actually followed it to photograph its repulsiveness!

15 thoughts on “Ugly-Ass cars

  1. The worst part of the C30 is the lack of privacy in the rear at all times…which makes it even worse for car romance.

  2. becauseican: OMW!!! another bubble car!!! did you look at the OneCAT? they’re almost as bad as the smart cars!!

    ginnygrl: i am so with you on #1… but #2 will stay- i have never liked the BMWs anyway!

  3. #5: Shock and horror they would do that to a Porsche!!

    #4: Reminds me of a late 80’s rabbit.

    #3: That nose reminds me of a praying mantis! In my opinion this might need to be #1 – 3. Wow that’s some serious uggage!

    #2: Not too bad. The least horrid of the top 5.

    #1: Those women need slapped for making the rest of us seem so uncreative! At least you could salvage some pieces for another car … like the tires.

  4. i’m of the school of all cars after 1959 are ugly…but if they get 50 miles to the gallon, they can be as ugly as it takes..

  5. alright 3 and 4 are ugly! but I would take the other three and just take your picking on me for driving an ugly car. Would you or Damien like to buy me one of those?

  6. southern sage: oh you are so right about those two!

    becauseican: lol- i know yours is pink, and i prolly will laugh…

    sweets: oooh i so love seeing such sexy cars on the street!

    leez: lol… the #1 stays for now!

    charmskool: i could not agree more.

    m.i.: ooh lunch boxes is an awesome description!

    phillygirl: omw you are so right! it’ll have to take up 6th possie for now…

  7. Wahahaha, I mostly have to agree with you … but I like the volvo c30 … if only it’d reverse everywhere 🙂 Cause me, I hate all volvo broing-ass fronts. They’re hideous. I think the C30 would look awesome with a BMW 1 series front 🙂

    Anyhoo, what I’m wondeirng is how the Daihatsu Materia did not make it onto your list? I think it’s hideous!

  8. For those of us folks who watch racing on a regular basis, these new models that are coming out are truly hideous. I told my hubby I felt like cars were turning into what looked like lunch boxes.

    With ya ther girl…
    butt ugly!

  9. Whew I get to keep my car. I absolutely agree on a red Mercedes being totally NOT ON! and I’m not sure why either. The cars on your list are so fugly they should be banned.

  10. jip the Multipla is uuuuuuuugly, and the porche… i don’t want to talk about the porche…what were they thinking??

    on a happier note:

    i saw a brand spanking new Lamborghini the other day at the petrol station… it was beautiful, i almost cried 🙂

  11. “And NO car on this planet besides a VW Beetle is allowed to be pink. Ever.”

    :-O !!!

    Shock and horror!

    Does this mean when you see my car you will laugh and ridicule?

    Its ok.. I’m not really fussed.. its paid for and totally unique (at the moment)

    And I am sooooooooooooooo with you on the “#3 The Fiat Multipla” WTF were they thinking?? ugghh.. donkey ass ugly..

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