Cupcake Dreams!!?!

Very strange…
I dreamt last night, or early this morning just before I woke up… that I was on a road trip with my parents and family, and we were going home from somewhere.
And I baked cupcakes along the way…
When we got home I realised I had wanted to stuff them but had forgotten- so I packed all the remaining cupcakes into a plastic packet and walked to the local supermarket from my folks house- taking the packet full of cupcakes with me.
Once there I was chatting to people in the shop (very unlike me) and talking about cupcakes. The different kinds and the stuffing variations! I think I may have been annoying.
I found the stuffing I’d wanted and headed for the tills- where a dude with hectic dredlocks rang up my purchase (a massive R22 for a little bottle of whatever it was) and I suddenly panicked about whether I had money on me at all- let alone enough.
I counted out change- grabbed the stuffing and headed for home.
It was a very detailed walk in my dream too- I was passing people in the street and cars were driving by me and all…

8 thoughts on “Cupcake Dreams!!?!

  1. m.i. & ginnygrl: rotfl… i am quite positive that i am NOT pregnant!

    sage: you know i would if i could!

  2. Oi! As you’ve read on my site, weird dreams can be so crazy! I like how yours involved cupcakes and wine! Craving things Angel? Hmmmm?

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