Just Call Me “Annie Oakley”!!!

Yesterday, at work, we did a team- and confidence-building exercise thats s’posed to become a monthly instalment in our work lives.
Shooting, with hand guns, at an indoor shooting range!
It was fargin AWESOME!!!
It was unbelievably loud and my feet hurt like a mother-trucker, but it was a total JOL!!!
I have never fired more than a pellet gun, so I at least knew how to use the sights… but an actual pistol- with live rounds in it- never ever even held one!
First up there was a talk and the basics of a pistol and safety and loading a magazine (suprisingly difficult) and the “do-only-what-I-tell-you” kind of stuff, then we went into a room two at a time with the instructors.
We were handed a pistol loaded with five nine millimetre rounds, told how to grip it and how to aim and then asked to fire all five rounds at the targets that had our names written on them.
I rather impressed myself AND the instructor! When he went to take my target down he asked if I was sure I’d never fired a gun before!
~~chuffed, me~~
We were only 5 metres away from the targets (16.4 feet), but some of my colleagues missed entirely even at that range, so I am pretty pleased as punch with myself, bunnies!!!
The first five holes were circled with a pen so we could shoot at it again after the training to compare our before and after “abilities”.
We then went through a series of exercises where the instructors analysed the way we stood and how we aimed and such so they could give us pointers on where we were going wrong. I didn’t do too badly during the exercises, in fact- the instructor even uttered the word “perfect” once!!!
~~super stoked, me~~
And here’s my target, with my first and last five shots (the first five are circled). I was aiming for the 30 in the middle of the circle.

And a close up…

My daddy and mommy darling were impressed- as were Damien and the Glugster- and all the way home Damien hinted like mad that I buy me a gun!!!

I reminded him that since we live in a house where fire extinguishers are a necessity… a handgun would be ill-advised.

heh heh heh

16 thoughts on “Just Call Me “Annie Oakley”!!!

  1. Remind me to treat you with loads of respect (that should go for the idiot at HI-Q as well!)

  2. sweets: ta 😀

    kattbox: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa… i didn’t see that!

    arkwife: lol… paintball is moving targets girl so i dunno!

  3. *hiding in a ditch* Just don’t go all Rambo on us doll!!

    Seriously though, very nicely done. At least you know that you can handle a gun, and you’d be kick-@ss at paintball 🙂

  4. “…and then asked to fire all five rounds at the targets that had our names written on them.”

    So what you are saying is that you were shooting at yourself? I’m having a Freud moment here.

  5. i’m for guns personally, if criminals can have them i sure as shit want one too 🙂 obviously safety is key…

    well done tjomma!!

  6. all bunnies: I was given the “student of the course” by yesterday’s instructors!
    ~~BIG smile~~

    phillygirl: lol… i’m impressed with me too!

    leez: oooh you too with the “angelina” reference!! liking it lots!
    needless to say (but i’ll say it anyway), the company i work for is legitimate and very reputable, and it’s not like they’re punting us to buy guns or anything. and i do not have, nor have i ever had, any intention of owning a handgun. i’m way too paranoid to have one in the house anyway…
    it was more like giving us the chance to say “i’ve done that”.
    and if nothing else, it strengthened my respect for fire arms and how dangerous they are.

    the jackson files: oooh i love you for that!!!

    becauseican: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa… i can’t guarantee my performance under pressure!

    sleepyjane: ta!!

    tamara: ditto!

  7. Thanx Tam.

    Now we all know why Glugs is so into you. If i remeber a few weeks back you both admitted an attraction to Angelina and the similarities are there. Brunette, Tattooed and Kickass.


  8. Ooh… I’ve always wondered what it feels like to fire a real shot. I’m with Leez on the “guns kill”, biut also with Sleepy on the fact that it’s fun in a controlled environment.

    shooting at a range doesn’t mean you need to own a gun 😉

    You go, Angel(ina)

  9. I think that can be a fun thing to do in a controlled environment. Well done Angel! You’re a crack shot! 🙂 I doubt that I’d do as well. 😉

  10. wow.. paint me impressed and spank me with a flower!

    Uhm… I am gonna call you next time i need some one dealt with..k?


  11. Wow! You are a crack shot. You could be Angelina Jolie in Wanted or something.

  12. I’m probably gonna be very unpopular after this but here goes anyway:
    Firstly where do you work? I cant believe that some legitimate company would actually pay for their staff to have weapons training. I am very anti-guns and the argument that people kill people not guns is just plain stupid. By putting anobject into a human beings hand that is capable of killing another human being, one allows for the possibility of violence.

    I have known two innocent children to have been unintentionally shot during random shootings and one did not make it. These eight year olds were not hi jackers or criminals or even “having fun at a shooting range”

    We need to think carefully about the message we’re trying to get across when dealing with such dangerous tools.

  13. oh my word, that is totally totally awesome … and you hit the target amazingly well 🙂 I am impressed … and would love to try it myself!

    pahaha … looks like you totally killed the dude on the paper!

    So where is the place where you did this?

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