My Bucket List

I haven’t seen the movie– but Sweets did her “bucket list” and inspired me! So here is my bucket list!!!

1. I want to see the aurora borealis from atop a glacier. I may have mentioned before how much I would like to visit Alaska… LOL!
2. I hope to see Damien get his marine biologist qualification. I’m trying to be an optimist… I know it’ll happen eventually, somehow. He seems to have developed an interest in tattooing now though, so an apprenticeship may be a good idea after school too.
3. I want to fly a micro light over and photograph the Grand Canyon.
4. In 2013 I plan to bike the 29th parallel from Port Nolloth to Richards Bay on a big ol’ Harley Davidson Fat Boy.
5. I dearly want to photograph the wrecks and ruins of the skeleton coast. I know it’s been done- I wanna do it too.
6. Get married in a few of the Vegas chapels.
7. I have always been fascinated by archaeology… so I want to visit what’s left of Pompeii.
8. I want to see and photograph the Mayan ruins.
9. I want to see Machu Picchu with my own eyes.
10. I think I would love to go skydiving, gliding and hang-gliding. I’ve flown in a microlight and I loved it- I want to fly in such a way that I can see the ground underneath me.
11. Ooh- and I want to take a baking course or class something. I do so love baking and I want to try everything I see on TV and in magazines and I don’t know how. I hate not knowing how to do something.
12. I really want to see the terracotta army.

18 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. Jenty: why thank you!

    Ruby: 😀

    M.I.: 🙁

    Anonymous: I have also heard that… makes me feel bad for wanting to see it and contribute to its ruination…

  2. Cool list! Speaking of Machu Picchu I saw an insert on TV the other day highlighting how that sacred area is being ruined by the tourists, they leave all their litter around the site! shocking, and a couple thousand ppl go through there a day, now the local municipality is going to increase those numbers, it is so very sad, it is one place I would love to visit, but it is such a special place and they really should limit the number of ppl per day and not have visitors everyday.

  3. I am so pissed! I left a comment here and it’s gone…just gone.
    F’n blogspot!

  4. donn: aaaah… makes so much sense!

    phillygirl: 😀

    ruby: the heart of a true adventurer… i like that description!

    kattbox: ta!

    the jackson files: i have no idea… mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    sweets: ooh yes- you have GOT to do it with me!

    mel: well i watch m.i., and i will be totally green if you get to go there!

    arkwife: yay- you’re welcome to!

    ydg: so i’ve been told

    faerie: oh i hope you feel better soon!

    jo: its on my list!

    allan: ooer… sorry to break the news so abruptly dude!

  5. You should see the movie! It was really, really good!

    Great list! I have yet to come up with my bucket list.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments.

  6. HA!! See, I’m not the only one who freaks out over the spider *shudders*

    I’m climbing in your suitcase when you go to Machu Picchu!!

  7. Impressive! Will have to do one too.
    I presume you and Damien watch Miami ink? I am hopefully going to Miami next May if Gary makes his target and then I will get a teeny little girl-pants tattoo.
    PS, that spider is a freak out, squish it!

  8. Can you get married more than once even in Vegas?

    Great list though – I hope you get to do it all.

  9. Okay, I could probably help you out with one of the options in No. 10:

    It’s close to you and gliding clubs love visitors.

    There is also a hang-gliding station in the area.

    Time for a Sunday drive out to Magalies?

  10. erm….angel…that 8 legged freak is really freaking me out everytime i come here:(

    Very interesting list;) sounds like you’ve got the heart of a true adventurer…oh, and the skeleton coast is awesome!!! i’ve seen little bits of it…i love it!

  11. I would love to see all of those marvels too..
    the flying, not so much.
    I am an inordinately terrestrial being and prefer to stay that way.
    Head in the clouds and feet on the ground!

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