Why Why Why!!?!

Can someone please explain to me why the Disney cartoon characters almost never have a mother, or have a step mother because their biological mother has died?
More often than not they have uncles and fathers- but there’s seldom a mother in the picture…

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  1. angel & tamara : I will always think of you & remember this point, whenever I watch a Disney movie with my kids. πŸ™‚

  2. I seem to remember something about his parents dying and so all of his characters are missing a parent. He really loved his mum.

  3. Never actually noticed it until you said it. Huh – interesting. Wonder why. Nope, can’t tell you. Sorreee.

  4. I have often wondered about this. I mean really. Maybe?…Maybe they want to show that you can have a happy ever after even if you didn’t start life out with the love of a mom…heck I don’t know

  5. seems like the knuckle head and i have more in common than i thought! pity about the age……grappie julle!

  6. I have tackled this issue a few times.

    A Authors are quarandamnteed to create uber-empathy for their protagonists if they are Orphans.
    Oldest trick in the book

    B Walt was a weird cat, anti semitic, huge Right Wing guy who wouldn’t lower the Flags when JFK was shot, his film about running Lemmings over the Cliff for dramatic effect is legendary and won an Oscar..
    what can I say, he was a weird cat.

  7. tamara: wow really? disney is “done” in varsity journalism? thats so true about the accents and stuff!

    kingcover: ah, i just KNEW you’d be able to explain it!

    the jackson files: wow… you’ve never thought about it?

    michelle hix: i’d love to know who decided it in the first place…

    simply-mel: helloooo new visitor!

  8. Because moms are boring and have too many rules. (from my 7yr old…)

    Guess we’re just not movie-material.

  9. My friend and I were just talking about this a couple days ago. It is rather sick!

  10. I must admit that I had never actually thought about this before EVER. And now I will wonder why this is every time I watch a Disney cartoon.

  11. It’s because if they had parents the producers would have to pay extra money to those characters but the budget just doesn’t stretch that far. With the current world economic downturn they’ll have to start making cartoons where the main character is a single cell amoeba or a two legged octopus so it takes less time to draw them!!!


  12. We actually did a whole course on Disney at varsity, and this was one of the major themes. Pity I can’t remember much, but I think it’s because the characters are then free from rules and completely autonomous – something that most kids fantasize about.

    another thing that was pointed out is how foreigners are portrayed. The main characters will be attractive and have American accents, no matter where the story is based, while the peripheral characters will be silly and have funny accents. Beauty and the Beast is a great example.

    And did anyone notice that there are no people in Africa, just animals (Lion King)?

    Sorry… protracted post.

  13. camikaos: very strange indeed. either she’s not there at all- with no explanation- or she croaks in the movie somewhere!

    sweets: i haven’t had a cupcake in weeks!!!

    sleepyjane: see what i mean!!? and i agree- lets leave real life out of the toons!

    leez: i dunno… why do they see the need to yank on the heartstrings!!?!

    ruby: now you sound like damien!

  14. Its not only the Cartoons but also the “Family Movies” in which some troubled preteen with only one parent has to overcome their own egos in order to succeed. I guess having one parent or being an orphan has a certain air of tragedy around it.

    What bothers me more is sometimes they don’t even bother to explain where the other parent is, just that they’re absent.

    Out of all my friends I’m the only one who grew up with one parent and that lasted for all of three years before remarriage.

  15. Okay lets see how many off the top of my head…
    The Lion King
    Ice Age
    Bambi (as above said)
    Finding Nemo

    Yeah. That’s sad huh? Maybe it’s like, to teach the children of life and death. But you know what? I think REAL life is sad enough as it is so they need to just leave the DC alone.

  16. i just phoned Disney but they didn’t have an answer either…


    they did promise to re-write all previously disadvataged movies πŸ™‚

    how’s that for a happy ending!!!

    have you been eating too many cupcakes tjomma… hehe

  17. can I tell you why? No I can’t.. but I can tell you that you’re not the only one to be bothered by it. I have half a blog post written on it that I just need to finish up, and I think I’ve written a post on it in the past. It really ticks me off…

    Don’t forget about Bambi… he had a mother… UNTIL SHE GOT KILLED IN THE MOVIE.

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