My International BlogDay Post

Today is International Blog Day (click for instructions an concept explanation), ooh- and there’s a Technorati link too.

First up on my list of 5 “newbies” (as in new to me)- I found another blogging ADHDer mom!!! Jo started blogging in March this year and has two children. Her blog is titled “ADHD Is The Culprit”. Her son is a medicated ADHDer and her daughter is not… so needless to say her daily life must be interesting to say the least! She posts a lot of hints and tips and information on AD/HD and is well worth a read.

Then there’s “Simply Mel”. She’s a Sowff Effrikun, she’s a mom to three (who have funky nicknames), her dog drives her barmy and she loves scrapbooking- her hobby even has its own blog! I LOVE the header on her page- very funky indeed.

Gill’s Jottings is another new one for me. She’s a Sowff Effrikun, a mom to two daughters, and a cat lover!

Next up is Lynette, at “My So Called Life”. She’s in California, married to a marine, mom to two kidlets and she has tattoos! I like her easy reading style of blogging. She’s also recovering from a broken foot and can’t wait to go shopping for shoes again!

And last but definitely not least is Marcelle, a Sowff Effrikun who’s living in Germany- hence her blog title. She’s a mom, and (unbelievably, just looking at her) she’s a granny too! She has another grandbaby on the way, and she’s visiting Cape Town right now! She also has a photo blog and has quite an eye with her camera.

11 thoughts on “My International BlogDay Post

  1. Well look at me! Thank you missy, I enjoyed my shout out. And I’m glad I stumbled on your blog.


  2. :

    gill: wow, thanx!

    simply-mel: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaa…

    kingcover: its really quite a coincidence that my list is mostly dark continent in habitants!

    tamara: it was more than a pleasure, and such fun!!! you can bring the cake box back at the next bloggirls!

    sometimes saintly nick: i forgot about it last year!

    terri: 😀

  3. Oooh… loving the links… must go read…

    Btw, thanks for the beautiful purple present and heavenly cupcakes yesterday! It was great seeing you guys. Wish we’d had more time to chat. I need to get your cake container thingey back to you.

  4. I can’t even remember the last time I actually tried to make a new friend in blogland. I guess it’s like real life when you feel most comfortable hanging with the people you already know. You get into a comfort zone.
    Judging by the people you have listed above I would be forgiven for thinking you are Sowff Effrikun as well 😉

  5. Thanks for the mention Angel! And yes, the dog is still driving me balmy. I had to stop dissing him as regularly cos the animal police were getting nervous.

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