9 thoughts on “I Hate

  1. Becauseican is so right.

    Lying,cheating, excuse-making, policy changing frikking bastards = all medical aids.

    Can you feel my pain here? Good. We on the same page then. Sorry girl. xx

  2. Medical Aids are evil man..get yourself a hospital plan and put the rest in a savings account.. be surprised how much money you will save!

  3. oh noes Angel girl!!!!! Hope you can get everything sorted out?? I hate medical Aids too:( but unfortunately they are a bit of a neccesary evil

  4. This sucks sorry to hear this, hang in there friend! Maybe going to my blog and hearing the Purdue marching band will cheer you up? haha 🙂

  5. just a girl: its just that i pay them (my medical insurance) a fortune every month- yet i still have to pay a fortune in cash myself!!!

  6. I am not even sure what you are talking about. But today I also hate, hate, hate, hate doctors today. nice to meet you

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