What A Week!!!

I am totally fargin wiped out!!!
Not only did I work my backside off this week at work- but the knucklehead, da Bruvva and I helped my Sister C out with making a corporate movie. We had to do the whole hippie slash Woodstock thing and whilst it was exhausting and we stank of woodsmoke for the last two nights, it was such a jol! Trying to keep a straight face and “meditate” with a HUGE multicoloured candle in your hands is so not possible when you KNOW you have to be serious and two lunatics run through your circle chasing an imaginary duck! I even got to pull out and throw a miniscule little white bra- which I stashed in my cleavage- into the fire while a chick “riot” went on around me!!! It was all centered around liberation and freedom and such. Oh, and I had to answer a cellphone- also stuck down my bra- during one scene!
Anyhoodle, Damien- true to himself- managed to land himself a non-speaking role, but one that features in every single scene in the film so we were “on set” (how cool is that) for both nights of the shoot!!! And when Damien’s meds have worn off at around 6pm… he starts getting very giggly and loud- so having him run up and down until the director was happy was perfect to keep him occupied! Ooh, and lemme just say, the knucklehead SO does not look good as a blonde…
I reckon its a funny movie- I can’t wait to see the finished product… and I do hope we get to see it…

setting the scene…

the knucklehead and I…

some of the “camp”…

damien… as a blonde…

damien and his counterpart chasing “the duck”

da bruvva

the lights!!!

sister C and da Bruvva!

11 thoughts on “What A Week!!!

  1. OMG – that looks like so much fun, I bet you can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. mwhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahaha so cool!!! and funny, i hope you can show us the finished product?


  3. Ooooh!!!

    You guys look so cute! What a load of fun.

    *Ahem* (your bruvva looks so hot there) I’m just saying.

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