I Am In Some Littybit Pain Today…

I am absolutely terrified of dentists.
If they could do so, I would gladly opt to have even the simplest procedures- like them cleaning my teeth- done under anaesthetic.
I am so afraid that I am practically hyperventilating by the time I arrive in the rooms! When I’m actually in the chair I grip so hard onto whatever’s closest (yesterday it was my own wrists ‘coz the chair had no armrests) that I shake when I get up. And I try to reverse myself away from the drills and such into and through the seat, and I actually hurt my neck.
And to complicate things, my teeth are so sensitive that even the cold air of winter hurts when I inhale through my mouth! I brush my teeth with warm water! So you can see how a dentist visit is pure torture.
I took Damien and myself earlier this month, just for a check-up and because Damien said he had a hole in one molar. We went. I sat in the chair after Damien’s tooth was fixed and all but cried as she cleaned my teeth. Thankfully she took pity on me and didn’t spray my teeth with the cold water at the end… but she sent me for x-rays and said I had two holes she’s have to fill. Bottom right between my two back teeth, and top left between the two back teeth.
This means at least 2 shots and a completely numb mouth! But I was brave and made another appointment.
Another issue that I forgot about- that came up again yesterday while the dentist was busy- is that I cannot keep my tongue still and out of the way! The assistant ended up holding it down with the suction pipe and in the process practically dislocated my jaw so that’s LANK stiff and sore today! And then of course the one injection in the bottom jaw didn’t work like it was supposed to, so I had to have another one. So today my gums feel bruised- top and bottom- where the needle went in and in and in…
I just close my eyes and grimace and hope to hell she gets finished as fast as possible… and then hope and pray that nothing goes wrong and I have to go back again!

15 thoughts on “I Am In Some Littybit Pain Today…

  1. shame!!!! my teeth are the same and i also brush my teeth with hot water!!!! i have to go for a checkup soon… oy

  2. tamara: sorry…

    kingcover: dude! no man!!!

    arkwife: i can imagine- my little sister too!

    camikaos: it was reading your dentist posts that reminded me i needed to go!

    gill: 😀
    now there i empathise too! i actually went back this year after putting it off for almost 5 years!

    neen: i’ve had a lot of fab dentists… and none have every actually hurt me- its just their profession… like it messes with my head!

    allan: so far so good… the new fillings feel a little strange- but i’m not hurting anymore.

    e.c.: well i hope to hell you gave her a piece of your mind as well as never going back! cow!

    s.s.n.: uh huh…

    alex kat: i can imagine!

    m.i.: oh i wish…

  3. Cool, judging by these comments we can start a support group. LOL I also hate going to the dentist.

    Interestingly enough, the dental profession has this highest number of suicides in the medical profession. I think they tend to feel the hatred.

  4. I.

    I break out in cold sweat thinking about them. Me too, knock me out to clean them!

  5. I’m right there with you Angel. Can’t stand dentists – not even the very best among them! Last one I went to SWORE the “cure” for me was to give me a mile tranquilizer pill, which I was supposed to take right before being driven to her office so it’d have a good “hold” on me. She practically called me a liar, insisting I hadn’t taken it, because I was still white as a sheet when I sat in the chair and my hands were shaking! What really pissed me off is I had tried to tell her the pill would have no effect – no matter how many she gave me! I’m THAT terrified of dentistry!

  6. Oh, poor you. I feel your pain, I really do. I was afraid of dentists until I met my current one – he’s so laid back and gentle. Well done for going at all!

  7. Oh you poor thing! Very brave of you for going – I have been summoning up the courage for a trip to the gynae for nearly 3 years now, and haven’t got there yet….. soon though.

  8. I’ve had 4 dentist appointments in the last 3 months to make up for years of not going because I’m terrified of the dentist. Luckily, aside from being nice warm and reassuring my new dentist uses laughing gas.

  9. Awe Angel….. I’m luckily not afraid of dentists as I had braces for 2 years, and got to know my orthodontist reeaaaally well.

    Next time take Glugs with you to make sure they don’t hurt you 🙂

  10. I like the feeling when the soft areas of my mouth are numb and you bite down on those areas between your teeth and there’s no sensitivity in your skin 😛
    How is your mouth and teeth feeling now?

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