Awarded For Blowing Angel’s Mind

I realised the other day that its been a HELLA long time since I awarded bloggers for blowing my mind! So here’s the newest list of seven. The following bloggers get this here award to display on their sidebars- or wherever because for numerous reasons I keep going back to them…

Some of them I identify with on a very deep and personal level. Some of them are so smart and insightful its like “woah“! Some of the are hysterically funny. One of them is family ~~smirk~~ but thats not why she’s getting one. And several of them I have been lucky enough to meet and greet in real life! And some of them are all of the above!

And I just realised that this whole set of awardees are blogging chicks!!! You go girls! Right-click and save-as and so on and so forth!!!

Because I Can

Glad To Be A Girl


The Jackson Files


Mommy Is Moody

Restless Housewife

There’s a link in my sidebar if you’d like to see who else got this here award.

7 thoughts on “Awarded For Blowing Angel’s Mind

  1. Wow Angel!!!! thanks so much!!! I’m sorry I’ve been outta touch – (I’ve been in Mexico!!!)

    Thanks again! I think you’re awesome too!! I’ll be seeing you soon:-)

  2. You really are an Angel, you know that? You remind me there are still nice people in the world. Give yourself an award too, ‘kay?

  3. “Some of them are so smart and insightful its like “woah”!


    Thank you thank you thank you!

    uhm, that is what you meant , hey?

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