Annie Oakley Rides Again!

Yes- I know its not everybody’s cup of tea, and no- I still have no intention of buying a gun.

It is a company team building thing, and its a personal confidence building thing. Its immensely challenging and hitting the targets is really very satisfying!

Never mind being better at something than your boss is when he/ she is more clued up in the office than you are, LOL.

13 thoughts on “Annie Oakley Rides Again!

  1. Oh what fun! Target practicing was one of my addictions in my youth. Haven’t shot in years…failing eyesight tends to make for nervous or nonexistent partners!! But I do remember the fun of it all! And I agree – knowing about guns and being comfortable around them has nothing at all to do with being pro-violence, or anything like that. After all – I know about shooting pool, but that doesn’t put me in a league with Minnesota Fats! I’m just saying…

  2. Look at you! The next Lara Croft! And as much as I loathe … er … am terrified my spiders … you always find gorgeous ones!

  3. s.s.: oh i would never shoot at spiders dude!

    jenty: i think so too!

    t.j.f.: ditto!

    katt: exceptionally well said, thanx!

    tamara: it is daunting, but having an instructor literally talk you through every step makes a difference.

    sweets: hhmmm… might make a fun girls day out if we can save up for the lessons and ammo, eh?

    kingcover: ihdeedy dude!

    w.w.: lol, i’ve never played paintball ‘coz i don’t wanna be hit! and i am right handed, but one of the lessons was to shoot with either hand and in different stances. my left hand is weaker, but i still hit the target just a little low and to the right of where i aimed. its like an “i can do it” exercise.

  4. I think Katt’s right. You know what? It’s fun and exciting to shoot a gun.

    Everyone should try it, at least once, in a safe, controlled environment, and they’d agree.

    I don’t have a gun, haven’t fired one in years. But there’s always paintball?

    And are you right-handed or left?

  5. It would be a really bad idea for someone to sneeze as you pull the trigger *ACHOOOOO*. Oops sorry 😀

  6. With all due respect, there is absolutely no harm in being gun proficient.

    I’m probably going to be drawn and quartered by all your site visitors now but owning a gun and/or being able to use one doesn’t make you a murderer/hazard to society anymore than listening to heavy metal makes you a psychopath.

    Target shooting is a lot of fun and has to do with a lot of skill and accuracy. This might be why it is an Olympic sport.

  7. I know it’s not PC cool to think this way and all, but that looks kind of fun.

    Actually, I’m all for it in a controlled environment.

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