Party Like A Hippie…

Last night was The Cow’s birthday party!
Yeah baby!!!
I can’t remember when last I danced so much… Oh wait- it was prolly at The Cow’s party last year!!
da Bruvva went with us as he had no plans for the night before Heritage Day, and the knucklehead and my Glugster wore hippie-style wigs! Mine and the Knucklehead’s tie-dyed T-shirts were gifts from the company that da bruvva and my Sister C work for after we helped by acting in their corporate hippie-themed movie (which is pretty damn funny)! How’s that for timing!?! I rented a few things for us to add, like the beads and the big peace-signs and my gilet and my Glugs’ waistcoat. One suprise for the evening was seeing a colleague at the party! It really is a small little world innit…!!!?! Another suprise was my allowing the Knucklehead to have a beer. I am still sorta kicking myself for allowing my arm to be twisted as it broke all my rules… and I have a suspicion he drank a lot more as he kept “disappearing” and he was asleep rather early- very unlike him. He was also rather zombified today, and after coming home from visiting a friend for a couple of hours, he threw up and went to sleep! Suspicious, no?
The Cow and her other half (The Bull) have always been the knucklehead’s “weekend parents” and before they hald their own calves, they would pick up the knucklehead to spend the weekend with them, giving me some much needed time to myself! They’d take him to the racetrack with the knucklehead helping out in the pits with The Bull, and The Cow would play LEGO till all hours of the morning with an often inexhaustible Damien!
They are some of my very dearest friendss and I love them to death!
The Cow LOVES costume parties- some of you may remember last year’s “movies” theme, and me dressed as a drag queen– and last night was no exception. The theme this year was “hippies” and everyone went all out. It was such a party- as always! Thanx Cow!
Pop round to her blog sometime. She’s not a frequent poster- as you can imagine with a daughter going on 5, 2 year old twin sons, and working full time!

12 thoughts on “Party Like A Hippie…

  1. ginnygrl: i think so too!

    sweets: 😀

    katt: tell me about it… all of it!

    tamara: lol… dunno if i could live with one- but its fun to play with!

    usgoingdownunder: miss you too bud!

    gill: so do i! and tag accepted.

    kingcover: makes my eyes water to look at us together!

    donn coppens: peace out dude!

  2. Me again! I forgot to say I’ve tagged you for the handwriting meme, so pop on over to my blog to have a look 🙂

  3. I was just wondering as I was looking at yours and Damien’s tops as to where you began and where he ended. It’s quite wild on the eyes and I’m not even smoking any funny stuff right now 😛

  4. Hi Bud – You all 3 looks awesome – suites you, specially D’s Hair 🙂

    Miss you madly mate – Mwa mwa mwa!


  5. This looks like so much fun. You really have a cool bunch of friends and family, Angel.

    As for your young ‘un, girl, he got sloshed. Hey, be grateful it was in a safe environment.

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