I am alive bunnies!
The move out of my flat is complete- but my Glugster’s garage is full of boxes and such that now need to be unpacked! I am making progress- but I think I’ll start on that next week.
Gotta love this toon…

We are going to the game farm this weekend and I can’t wait for the break! I may also try and twist my Glugster’s arm to go to the Sexpo tomorrow night!

7 thoughts on “Mwaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaa…

  1. I must put this toon in our computer lab at school…Perfect.

    Happy move 🙂

  2. Just don’t ste your expectations of sexpo too high. There’s some fun and kiny stuff and there’s some gross and tacky stuff (like people dressed as giant genitals) going on. Enjoy the game farm, you lucky bum!

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