So I’ve Been To Sexpo…

My Glugs and I went last night.
What fun! I’m no stranger to the likes of Adult World and Hustler Shop- but it’s like they reserve all their best merchandise for these big shows!
A giant penis monster and a pair of boobs with a tail were parading around all night- people yanking on their spikes and such, must be a rather crappy job.
Pricasso was there too of course- very funny to watch him work. And when he’s not painting he stands around and chats to everyone as if wearing nothing but a top hat and boots in public is perfectly normal.
There were a couple of porn stars and you could buy their movies- autographed no less- and have your picture taken with them.
Ladies wearing nothing but body paint also walking around and having their picture taken with visitors to the show.
Strip shows.
Pole dancers.
You name it!
Even a woman doing the silhouetted equivalent of a solo performance from a porn flick behind a screen!
There were even one or two places you could have your picture taken- either topless or dressed in some or other outfit from the show!
I did note that there seemed to be more men interested in the dildos and vibrators than women were… maybe its because you don’t necesarily get to play with them in the traditional setting of a sex shop?
Undies. Kitchen wear. Hosiery. Leather. BDSM accessories. Sex toys. Books. I even saw a Karma-Sutra couch!
It was great fun, and my Glugs and I did a fair amount of shopping (we now REALLY need a decent sized toy box).
I highly recommend it for all bunnies!

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17 Responses to So I’ve Been To Sexpo…

  1. Sometimes Saintly Nick says:

    No photos? I get turned on visually!

  2. angel says:

    w.w.: lol… actually, when i saw it on the site i asked my glugs’ if he’d seen it when we were there and we hadn’t- so no, we didn’t. and as for when… what’s the rush dude!!?!

    sweets: πŸ˜€
    praps you and i should go one evening next time, eh?

  3. sweets says:

    sounds like fun!! LOL
    i would prolly blush the whole time hehe

  4. WW says:

    OK, so I checked out the link…the big question is — and I mean big — DID YOU VISIT THE LOVE CHAPEL, YOU AND GLUGS?

    And if not, girl, when is THAT happenin’?

  5. angel says:

    tamara: ahem, yes of course.

    southern sage: sorry sage… no pics of me!

    the jackson files: oh an after more than 4 years of celibacy before i met my glugster you can imagine how much fun i’m having!!!

    jennybean: ooh and i won’t need to go there for a while…

    allan: and what was that for…?

    michelle hix: ;-P

    jenty: aw c’mon! thats what sitters are for!

    donn coppens: it was a blast- but no, i didn’t have my picture taken.

    supermom: oh it was!

    stephanie: here’s a link to south africa’s sexpo site…

    ww: sorry dude… i didn’t take my camera- for obvious reasons they’re not keen on people photographing the stuff. but this link will give you a glimpse of what we saw…

    simply-mel: lol @ blushing… and whatever reason they have, i thought it was funny!

  6. Simply-Mel says:

    Okay—the guys check out dildos purely to see what they are up against….

    I totally dont think I could pull of visiting a show like this. I swear I would blush like a virgin!

  7. WW says:

    Pricasso? POLE dancers? Cmon girl, fess up…where are the pix…

  8. stephanie (bad mom) says:

    Um, hello? Link?

    (I’m so jealous; the Sex Museum in Amsterdam had no interaction whatsoever)

  9. supermom says:

    Sounds like fun πŸ™‚

  10. DONN COPPENS says:

    “There were even one or two places you could have your picture taken- either topless or dressed in some or other outfit from the show!”
    So…did you pose topless or wear an outfit?

    Did the Glugster have a big wicked grin on the whole time?
    Sounds awesome.

  11. Jenty says:

    sounds like fun! Wish we could go, but impossible with the 2 kids!

  12. Michelle Hix says:

    oh my….

  13. Allan says:


  14. Jennybean says:

    Okay that’s it…. time for a trip to the “toy store”!

  15. The Jackson Files says:

    Man…I have sexpo/sex toy envy now. Maybe one day I’ll get lucky again. Sighsighsighsighsighsighsighsighsigh

  16. Southern Sage says:

    Are you going to post, or just email the pics with you topless and/or in various naughty outfits??


    Sounds like fun!

  17. Tamara says:

    You mean that you recommend it for all bunnies who like doing what bunnies do best πŸ˜‰